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With very grateful thanks to the family members who have got in touch to supply me with stories, photographs and certificates.

Site last updated: 29th May 2022

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29/05/2022: Relatives of Mary Heathfild (father's side).
24/04/2022: Relatives of Mary Heathfild (mother's side).
13/03/2022: Improvement to display of marriage entries from old-style parish registers.
30/01/2022: Relatives of Elizabeth Cruttenden.
29/08/2021: Occupations and locations from less structured documents.
27/06/2021: Partners and children of Francis William Olliver and Thomas Bushby Olliver.
31/05/2021: Relatives of Henry Asher.
24/04/2021: Allowing DNA matches as evidence (see my blog post for an explanation).
07/02/2021: Relatives of Mary Hand.
10/01/2021: Relatives of Charles Miller.
06/12/2020: Bits and pieces.
08/11/2020: Some records relating to the Catt family.
11/10/2020: Family of old David Dear.
09/08/2020: The Extons.
14/06/2020: Family of William Catt.
10/05/2020: More family of William Humphrey Wickham.
05/04/2020: Family of Harriet Golden Phillips.
01/03/2020: Family of William Humphrey Wickham.
02/02/2020: Family of Lydia Jeakens.
05/01/2020: Some family links suggested by DNA matches.
29/12/2019: Family of Martha Dann.
17/11/2019: More Drages of Barkway.
27/10/2019: Family of William Okell.
29/09/2019: Family of Margaret Perrow.
26/08/2019: Family of Arthur William Phillips.
07/07/2019: Bits and pieces.
04/05/2019: 1939 census.
14/04/2019: Some family of Thomas Newland.
26/01/2019: Vinten records.
04/11/2018: Some Burchetts.
02/09/2018: Apprenticeships.
19/08/2018: A new perspective - looking at places.
08/07/2018: Some documents relating to the Howsdens.
10/06/2018: Some records relating to the Tonks family.
05/05/2018: Family of Thomas Upton.
07/04/2018: Family of Frances Vidler.
03/03/2018: Family of Mary Pavey.
28/01/2018: 'Bits and pieces' - mostly burials, a couple of documents, and miscellaneous other records, relating to individuals in various branches of my tree.
31/12/2017: Records relating to Arthur Phillips.
26/11/2017: Family of Thomas Collins.
29/10/2017: Family of Susannah Moon.
30/09/2017: Family of Thomas Fitzgerald.
27/08/2017: Family of Etheldred Howsdon.
06/08/2017: Places: addition of map coordinates for some baptisms and burials, corrections to coordinates for some churches.
23/07/2017: Family of Mary Mepham.
25/06/2017: Family of Anne Howsden.
27/05/2017: Family of Mary Pennett.
30/04/2017: Records relating to Christopher Emerson.
25/03/2017: A few records relating to the Murrays.
02/01/2017: The Caesars.
18/12/2016: The Shorters.
25/09/2016: The Vies of Beaminster and London.
09/07/2016: The Perrows of Falmouth.
25/06/2016: Records relating to David Dear and family.
01/05/2016: Dears in Scotland and Northumberland.
05/03/2016: The Daweses of Bermondsey.
14/02/2016: Corrections to map coordinates for some locations in the Southwark area.
13/02/2016: Updated Useful Links page.
03/01/2016: Wills and associated records relating to family of Ruth Brett.
25/12/2015: Family of Ruth Brett (back to the sixteenth century!).
27/09/2015: Family of John Camp.
06/09/2015: The Bonhams.
30/08/2015: The Camps and Drages of Barkway, Newsells and Reed, 1799.
26/07/2015: Improvements to selection of names to be displayed in pages and used in links.
05/07/2015: Improvements to way locations are displayed in person details pages.
28/06/2015: Family of Jane Camp.
24/05/2015: Family of Charles Miller.
29/03/2015: The Newlands.
28/03/2015: Estimate birth year from infant death records.
22/03/2015: Display of non-standard ages in burial entries.
31/01/2015: Family of Sarah Harriet Asher.
27/12/2014: Family of Alice Chapman.
30/11/2014: Family of Thomas Fitzgerald.
26/10/2014: Catholic baptisms: children of Honorah Coughlin.
12/10/2014: Entries from Admission and Discharge Registers of Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum.
25/08/2014: Display of non-standard ages in marriage and death certificates
24/08/2014: Children of Emily Dear and Thomas Ellis Bowhill
17/08/2014: Tentative person identifications (see my blog post for an explanation).
29/06/2014: Workhouse admissions and discharges
27/04/2014: Children of David Dear and Margaret Perrow
20/04/2014: Inclusion of extra information on relatives in person details pages
29/03/2014: Family of Sarah Ellis
23/02/2014: Re-organisation of person details pages
25/01/2014: Children of Joseph Bowhill and Sarah Ellis
29/12/2013: More on the Williams family
27/10/2013: Wills: John Marcham, Alfred Marcham, Thomas Williams, Thomas Grisson, Joseph Grisson Buck
10/08/2013: Family of Richard Williams
25/05/2013: The Dawes family
31/03/2013: Family of Elizabeth Joynson Okell
26/01/2013: Electoral registers 2: the Phillipses and Uptons
29/12/2012: The Uptons of Lee
28/10/2012: Residence information from electoral registers: the Ollivers and Fitzgeralds
26/08/2012: The Tonks family
21/07/2012: The Newmans of Westbury
27/05/2012: Marriages from parish records (i.e. pre-1837)
31/03/2012: The Uptons
20/01/2012: The Chapmans of Glaston: baptisms, census entries and death certificates.
20/11/2011: Susannah Wells Hooper and her children
23/10/2011: New searchable layout on Site Map
17/09/2011: More on the Bowhills
21/08/2011: Documents. Report on Coroner's inquest into death of Joseph Bowhill, grant of Letters of Administration of the estate of Frederick Thomas Newland, and letter from Robert Fiveash.
22/05/2011: Even more on the Ollivers...
22/04/2011: More on the Ollivers
26/03/2011: Family of Margaret Dear junior (Philipson and Ion families)
05/03/2011: Burials: Mary Moon, Emma and Martha Vie, Susan and Richard Vidler, Elizabeth Fiveash
30/12/2010: Children and deaths of Richard Vidler and Susanna Relf.
24/10/2010: Relatives of Annie Elizabeth Phillips: some births, deaths and baptisms of Annie, her children, her parents and her grandparents.
12/09/2010: Descendants of Jacintha Augusta Parkes's daughters: the Tovey, Hinkins and Vallerius families.
15/08/2010: Baptisms, marriages, deaths and census entries relating to family of Jacintha Augusta Parkes: Newman, Parkes and Marcham.
12/06/2010: The Newlands. Baptisms: Jane (Vie) Newland and siblings. Births: Children of Mabel Alice Newland. Marriages: Frederick James Newland and Catherine Abra Peters. Deaths: Mabel Alice, Frederick James, Jane (Vie) and Thomas Newland. Photos: Catherine Abra (Peters) Newland and the Olliver family.
09/05/2010: Baptisms
10/04/2010: The Fiveashes. Marriages: Chapman-Cottle, Giles-Gallini, Hanson-Giles, Brown-Hanson, Maluish-Gallini. Deaths: Charlotte Fiveash, Elizabeth Fiveash
21/02/2010: Birth certificates: Thomas James Bowhill, John Alfred Williams, Thomas Bushby Olliver, Hephzibah Elizabeth Fellows Collins, Henry Asher Smith. Death Certificates: Kathleen Mabel Alice Olliver, Richard Williams
09/01/2010: The Fitzgerald/Coughlin/Bowhill/Dear family
20/12/2009: The Olliver/Collins family
13/12/2009: Annie Elizabeth Phillips's marriage certificate has finally been tracked down!
29/11/2009: The Newland/Chapman/Hooper/Vie family
15/11/2009: Death certificates and more photographs
25/10/2009: The Asher/Smith/Childs family
11/10/2009: Birth certificate transcriptions
03/10/2009: Marriage certificate transcriptions
13/09/2009: Photographs

Can You Help?

Unknown Gentleman
This picture was found behind a photo of Alice Chapman which belonged to her daughter Mabel Alice Newland. There is a resemblance to Mabel's son Denis Raymond Olliver, who is presumably a descendant, but which family does this man belong to?