Richard Charles Groom

b. 02/11/1809
Marmaduke Street
bap. 10/12/1809 St George in the East, Middlesex


Richard Groom d. 21/11/1846
Sarah Susanna Blake d. 11/10/1854
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m. 18/06/1832
Rebecca Hull St George the Martyr Southwark, Surrey


b. 1834 (app) Rebecca Groom
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1850 Gun Maker

Marriages Witnessed

18/06/1832 Marriage of John Pullinger and Rebecca Graves, St George the Martyr Southwark, Surrey
29/07/1850 Marriage of John Thomas Tapner Tilley and Rebecca Groom, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex
Note: because marriage records do not indicate the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom, this list represents likely involvement of the individual on the basis of a name match.

Documentary Sources

  1. LEWIS HENRY was indicted for stealing, on the 3rd of March , 1 gun, value 2l. 15s. , the goods of Richard Groom . RICHARD CHARLES GROOM . I am the son of Richard Groom , a gun-maker , of Lemon-street, Whitechapel . On the 3rd of March the prisoner came to the shop; my brother went out with him to take this gun. WILLIAM THOMAS GROOM . I was in the shop; the prisoner came in, and said he wanted to purchase a gun for a gentleman; my brother looked out two - he said if I would go with him to the gentleman in Drury-lane, he would choose one, and send back the money by me; I went with him, and in Fenchurch-street he said; very likely the gentleman might he at his father's livery stables; he took me to Underwood's stables, in Duke's-place - he took one gun off my shoulder, and went in with it, saying, if the gentlemen liked it he would bring me out the money - I waited ten minutes, and then found he had gone through the stable, and out of another door in Mitre-street. Prisoner. Q. Was not that gun fairly bought? A. No - he was a stranger to me; he came to the shop alone- he was not trusted with it, but was to bring me back the money or this gun. JOSEPH SHERWOOD . I am a pawnbroker, and live in the London-road. On the 3rd of March, about eight o'clock in the evening, the prisoner pawned the gun.(Property produced and sworn to.) Prisoner's Defence. I considered it was fairly bought- it was to be paid for by concussion caps; I returned to the gate in ten minutes, and he was gone - I had only been to Mitre-street, where my mother lives; the officer said I should not be prosecuted if I told where the gun was; and the father said he would forego proceedings if I got it back. GUILTY . Aged 22. - Transported for Seven Years .
Source: t18300415-336, 15th April 1830
Old Bailey Proceedings Online


10/12/1809 Church, St George in the East, Middlesex
18/06/1832 the Church, St George the Martyr Southwark, Surrey
18/06/1832 St George the Martyr Southwark, Surrey
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