Joseph Grisson Buck

b. 27/02/1813
Checquer Square
bap. 28/03/1813 Saint Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex & City of London
bur. 15/08/1847 St Katherine Coleman, London


Joseph Buck
Ann Gwilliam
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Documentary Sources

This is to Certify That I Joseph Grisson Buck do will and bequeath al [sic] my ??? to my lawfull [sic] wife Louisa Buck all my property and business ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? household furniture debts owing ??? Witness my hand this 15th day of May in the year of our Lord 1847 - Joseph Grisson Buck - witness our hands(?) John C B Goddard - Charles Reeve(?) Appeared Personally John Christopher Butler Goddard of No 2 ??? Street ... of Middlesex Ironmonger and ... that It is our .... witnesses to the ........ to be and contain(?) the last will and testament of Joseph Grisson Buck late of No 2 Beer(?) Lane(?) Tower Street in the City of London ... the said will bearing date the 15th day of ??? 1847... he(?) further made oath(?) that on the 15th day of May aforesaid the said deceased duly ??? this said will by signing his name ... the foot or ??? thereof in the presence of him this .... of Charles Rowe the other subscribed witness thereto all of whom were present at the same time and this ??? and ??? said Charles Rowe ??? attested and subscribed(?) ??? said will in the presence of the said testator - John C B Goddard - On the 10th day of January 1848 the said John Christopher B??? Goddard was duly sworn to the ??? ??? Before me - W ? Dodson Surte - Idrest(?) C Desborough Bedford Notary Public On the 12th ??? 1848 ??? with the will ??? of the goods chattels and ??? of Joseph Grisson Buck late of No2 Beer Lane Tower Street in the City of London ??? deceased was granted to Louisa Buck widow the relict and universal (?) legatee named in the said will having been first sworn truly to administer No Executor [Editor's note: I'm afraid I rather struggled with the script this will was written in. '???' indicates what I believe to be a single word which I couldn't make out, and '...' indicates a sequence of such words. '(?)' indicates that I am not certain of my reading of the last word.]

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28/03/1813 Church, Saint Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex City of London
28/03/1813 Chequer Square, Saint Botolph Aldgate, London & Middlesex
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