Lilian Georgina Daisy Fiveash

b. 29/12/1885
St Catherines Home 36 Osnaburgh Street
bap. 10/12/1900 St Mary Magdalene St Pancras, London


Robert Fiveash d. 23/09/1891
Fanny Ann Miller d. 21/01/1937
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m. 07/06/1908
Frederick William Hearl All Saints', North Peckham, S.E., London


1891 Scholar

Also known as

Lily D Fiveash, Lily Daisy Fiveash

Poor Relief

22/09/1893 Admitted to Union Workhouse, Newington, Surrey

Did You Know?

  • Freda Sibyl Williams told me that when her grandmother Fanny Ann Miller was between marriages she used to put her children in the workhouse. Freda may have been right on this one: one of the children, Lilian Georgina Daisy Fiveash, was living at the St Catherine's Home and Refuge for Friendless and Fallen Girls in 1900, and in 1901 another, Florence Fiveash, was an inmate of the Refuge Society Home in West Ham.


05/04/1891 25 Portland Street, St Peter, Walworth, ST SAVIOUR SURREY, Surrey
22/09/1893 Union Workhouse, Newington, Southwark, Surrey
10/12/1900 St Catherine's Home 36 Osnabruck Street, St Mary Magdalene St Pancras, London
07/06/1908 the Parish Church, All Saints', North Peckham, S.E., London
07/06/1908 14 Nutt Street, London
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