Eleanor Vardin

b. 1756 (app)
bur. 18/09/1825 Tithby cum Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire


m. 24/11/1785
Thomas Mowley Gedling, Nottinghamshire bur. 27/08/1794
m. 21/11/1797
John Hopwell Gedling, Nottinghamshire


bap. 28/02/1787 Lydia Morley Stoke (at baptism)
bap. 22/02/1789 Elizabeth Moley Stoke (at baptism) d. 24/08/1857
bap. 27/08/1798 Frances Hopewell
bap. 09/08/1801 Rebecca Hop??ll
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Also known as

Eleanor Hopwell, Eleanor Moley, Eleanor Morley, Helena Hop??ll, Hellen Hopewell

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24/11/1785 [Church], Gedling, Nottinghamshire
24/11/1785 Stoke Bardolph, Nottinghamshire
28/02/1787 [Church], Gedling, Nottinghamshire
28/02/1787 Stoke Bardolph, Gedling, Nottinghamshire
22/02/1789 [Church], Gedling, Nottinghamshire
22/02/1789 Stoke Bardolph, Gedling, Nottinghamshire
21/11/1797 [Church], Gedling, Nottinghamshire
21/11/1797 Nottinghamshire
27/08/1798 Church, Tithby cum Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire
09/08/1801 Church, Tithby cum Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire
18/09/1825 Church, Tithby cum Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire
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