Hanah Wyatt

b. 23/02/1684
of Walden


Thomas Wyatt bur. 04/06/1724
Etheldred Emerson
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Documentary Sources

This second day of the eleventh month called January in the seventh year of the Reign of George King of great Britian [sic] France and Ireland &c In the year according to the English Account One Thousand seven hundred and Twenty one ------ I Thomas Wyatt of Saffron walden in the county of Essex Being mindfull of the certainty of death and the uncertainty of Life and finding myself weak in Body but of a sound and well Disposing mind and memory thanks be to Allmighty God for the same through the Lord Jesus Christ my Alone saviour and blessed redeemer Therefore do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testement in manner and forme following Revoaking and Disanulling All other wills before by me had or made ----------- In prims I Give devise and bequath to Eheldred my dearly beloved wife All that my Copyhold House out Houses yards gardens orchards with two Closses of pasture grounds - called or known by the name of litle [sic] Payntors in the Mannor of St Aylets abuting on Fugresfield towards the south and west an… on Wooll made grovewards the east with all the rents Issues and profits thereof arising for the full time and form of her Naturall Life and after her decease --- I give and bequath the aforesaid house and grounds with all its appurtenances thereunto belonging to my son Thomas and his heirs for ever Subject to All the Conditions and Limitations herein Expressed that is to say he my said son Thomas shall pay or cause to be paid to my son Zacharias or to his Heirs the summe of Twenty pounds of good currant money of great Britain at or before the expiration of six months next after the decease of my said Wife --- And he shall pay or cause to be paid to my son James or his Heirs the summe of Twenty pounds of Like currant money of Great britian at or before the expiration of Six months next after the decease of my said Wife --- And he shall pay or cause to be paid to my three Daughters Namely Mary Ann and Hannah or their Heirs the summe of Ten pounds to each and every one of them of Like currant money of great Britian at or before the expiration of six months next after the Decease of my said Wife --- And further my mind and Will is in case my son Thomas or his Heirs shall refuse or neglect to fulfill my mind and neglect to pay any of the said summs or any part thereof --- Then and upon such default or delay it shall and may be Lawfull for my son Zacharias to whom upon any such neglect or default or want of payment I bequeath to & appoint that he shall forthwith enter into and upon the said house and grounds and posses the same and he shal Quallifie himself to make a firm title thereunto by ?aking it up at the Customary Court of the Manor and without any dellay he shall make sale thereof And first he shall pay and satisfie all those my Legecies before express And secondly he shall deduct the charges that he shall be at and then he shall return the remainder to my son Thomas or his Heirs Nothing in this shall barr in the way in any Wise contrary to my true meaning and Intent Notwithstanding -- Item I give devise and bequath to my dearly beloved Wife All that my Free Hold House with all its appurtinances that I now dwell in situate standing Lying and being in Castle street in Walden aforesaid to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever --- Item I give and bequath to my dearly beloved Wife all my goods and Chattels both reall and personall Estate Free hold and Copy held not before bequathed Bills Bonds book debts and ready money with all and ever Matter and thing apportaining and belonging to me whatsoever and wheresoever they be at the time of my decease and my mind and will is that all the goods and Chattels both real and personall Estate that I have vested in her and that she shall Leave and are remaining of what I have bequathed to her at the time of her decease shall be equally divided betwen all my Children or their Heirs viz: Thomas Zacharias James Mary Ann and Hanah share and share alike ----- And Lastly I Nominate and appoint my dearly beloved wife to be my sole Executrix whom I desire that she will see that All my Just debts and funerall charges be satisfied contented and paid within convenient time next after my decease In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above Written to this my will which is According to my mind Thomas Wyatt Signed sealed published and decleared by the within named Thomas Wyatt for and as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us and signed by us as witnesses in the presence of the Testator ------ Francis Gibson Thomas: Doughty William ^his + mark ^ Natt

Source: D/ACW 26/4/28
Essex Record Office


23/02/1684 Saffron Walden, Coggeshall Magna, Essex
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