Mary Wyatt

bur. 23/05/1745 Meeting of Dorset and Hampshire, Dorset and Hampshire


Thomas Wyatt


b. 23/12/1708 Frances Wyatt Chelmsford bur. 03/07/1710
b. 15/02/1710 Anna Wyatt Chelmsford
b. 30/09/1711 Frances Wyatt Chelmsford
b. 13/01/1713 Tho Wyatt Chelmsford
b. 17/08/1714 Hannah Wyatt Chelmsford
b. 26/05/1716 Samuell Wyatt Chelmsford
b. 25/02/1718 Sarah Wyatt Chelmsford
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Did You Know?

  • Although I have only found a record for one marriage I believe that Thomas Wyatt had two wives, both named Mary: Mary Ludgater and Mary Wyatt. There is a record of the burial of Mary wife of Thomas Wyatt in 1703, and there was a gap of several years before Thomas's next child was born. When Mary Ludgater's father Robt Ludgater made his will in 1722 he only made bequests to Thomas's two eldest children Mary Wyatt and Etheldreda Wyatt, and when Mary Wyatt widow of Thomas Wyatt made her will in 1743 she refers to her son Stephen Jay and did not make bequests to Mary or Etheldreda, even though Etheldreda was still alive.

Documentary Sources

Chelmsford the 13 . 4 m . 1734 Know all men by these pre??? that I Thomas Wyatt of Chelmsford do make and ordain this my Last will and Testiment in manner & form Following that is to say : I will that my Just Debts be paid, and that every one of my Children here after named shall have paid to them, one year after my Deseas Fifty pounds Each of them that is to Say to my Daughter Frances Fifty pounds & to my son Thomas Fifty pounds and to my Daughter Hannah Fifty pounds, and to my son Sam'll Fifty pounds, & to my Daughter Sarah Fifty pounds : & Further my mind is that myDaughter Ethelldred shall have twenty Five pounds paid to her by my Exec? within twelve month after my desea.. & Lastly I ??? & ordain mary my Loveing Wife & Frances my Daughter to be Executers of this my Will Wittnes my hand Tho Wyatt

Source: D/ABW 93/1/4
Essex Record Office

In the name of God Amen I mary Wyatt the Widdow of Thomas Wyatt Late of chelmesford in the county of Essex salesman desed do make this my Last Will and Testament in maner forem as following that is to say first I Will that all my Just debts be paid and satisfyed also I bequeath to my son stephen Jay the sume of one shiling and no more of Lawfull money of great Britain also I give and [sic] to my son Thomas Wyatt one shillon and no more and my mind and Will is that my doter frances Wyatt and my son samuell Wyatt shall be my Executors to this my Last will And that my mind and will is is [sic] that my freind Richard freishfild shall be ?twete to this my Last will and testm?nt sined and witnesed in the presentes of Mary Wyatt the 6 of the second month called april 1743 Witness Jno Banks David Rivenall

Source: D/ABW 95/1/38
Essex Record Office


23/12/1708 Chelmsford
15/02/1710 Chelmsford
30/09/1711 Chelmsford
13/01/1713 Chelmsford
17/08/1714 Chelmsford
26/05/1716 Chelmsford
25/02/1718 Chelmsford
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