Mary Emerson


m. 28/08/1649
Christopher Emerson St Andrew the Great, Cambridgeshire


bap. 27/06/1650 Jane Emerson
bap. 17/08/1652 Rebekah Emerson
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Also known as

Mary turner

Did You Know?

  • The 'Information of Ruth Whisken' in Thurloe's State Papers does not specify a location, but the only two early- to mid-17th-century Ruth Whiskins indexed in the IGI were baptised in Ashdon, Essex, which is about 4 miles from Saffron Walden where Christopher Emerson and Mary Emerson had children baptised in the early 1650s.

Documentary Sources

V. xxx. p.451. Information of Ruth Whisken I Ruth Whisken doe testifye, and will be deposed, that Mary the wife of Christopher Emerson did tel me the said Ruth, that the said Emerson said, that the lord protector was a rogue, and a rascall, and blood-sucker, and that he should have his throte cut, and his head cleft ere longe ; and that he was a cowardly rogue, and wore two pistoles in his pocket, and was affraid of every dogg that barked, and that he should have his throte cutt by Michaelmas day, and named weapons to that purpose ; and that Thomas Turner and Susanna Turner his wife heard him the said Emerson speake these words : In wittness wherof I the said Ruth Whisken to these presents have set to my hand. Sept. 26, 1655. The marke of [] Ruth Whisken.


... Willm Turner late of Saffron Walden in the said County of Essex gent nowe deceased ... made his last will & Testamt in writeinge beareinge date aboute the twentieth day of May in ye yeare of o[ur] Lord one thousand six hundred fortie & eight and shortlie after died leaveinge Marie Turner his wife wth seu[er]all yssue of their two bodyes ... he the said Willm Turner did appoynt & ordaine his said wife Marie & his said sonne Thomas Turner Executors of his said will ... & wthin one yeare after ye death of ye Testator ye said ??? ye executrix did marrie & take to husband one Christofer Emerson gent

Source: C 5/598/150
National Archive


28/08/1649 Church, St Andrew the Great, Cambridgeshire
27/06/1650 Parish Church, Saffron Walden, Essex
17/08/1652 Parish Church, Saffron Walden, Essex
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