Thomas Shorter

b. 1825-1829 (app)
/???/Kent Foots Cray/Kent Sidcup
bap. 16/10/1825 Foots cray, Kent
d. 30/04/1885 1 Union Place Church Street Lee, Lee, LEWISHAM, Kent


John Shorter
Anne Wakeling d. 23/02/1844
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m. 03/08/1845
Mary Murray St Giles Camberwell, Surrey d. 08/09/1886


b. 1848-1861 (app) Alfred Shorter Kent Lee/Surrey Camberwell/Surrey Old Kent Road
b. 1851 (app) George Shorter Kent Lee/Surrey Camberwell
b. 1853 (app) John Shorter Kent Lee
b. 1855 (app) Jessie Shorter Kent Lee
b. 1858 (app) Charles Shorter Kent Lee
b. 1861 (app) Samuel Shorter Kent Lee
b. 08/12/1862 Ann Shorter Union Place Lee d. 09/08/1933
b. 1866 (app) Emily Shorter Kent Lee
b. 1871 (app) Amelia Shorter Kent Lee
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.


1841 Carman
1845 Labourer
1851 Carman
1861 Labourer
1863 General Labourer
1871 Bricklayer
1881 Carman (???)
1885 Carman
1886 Bricklayer
1887 Bricklayer

Also known as

Samuel Thomas Shorter, Thos Shorter

Did You Know?

  • The informant on Thomas Shorter's death certificate is 'A. Shorter Daughter'. He had two daughters with the initial A, Ann Shorter and Amelia Shorter.
  • Thomas Shorter's 1885 death certificate states that he was 56 years old, but this was the same age he had given in the census four years earlier so I am confident it is a mistake on the certificate.
  • Although they were both born in Foots Cray, Kent, Thomas Shorter and his sister Emma Shorter both married their spouses at St Giles, Camberwell.
  • Although Thomas Shorter was baptised as Samuel Thomas, he seems to have gone by his middle name for most of his life.


16/10/1825 Foots Cray, Footscray, Kent
16/10/1825 Church, Foots Cray, Kent
07/06/1841 Pucken lane, Chislehurst, Kent
03/08/1845 the Parish Church, St Giles Camberwell, Surrey
03/08/1845 Old Kent Road, Surrey
30/03/1851 Church street, Lee, Kent
02/04/1871 1 Union Place, Church Street, Lee, Christ Church, Kent
03/04/1881 1 Union Place, Church Street, Lee, Christ Church, Kent
30/04/1885 1 Union Place, Church Street, Lee, Christ Church, Kent
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