Alexander Murray

b. 13/08/1830
bap. 08/09/1830 Saint Mary Newington, Surrey


John Murray
Mary Ann Nowland d. 15/04/1847
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Did You Know?

  • I suspect there is a mistake in the 1841 census enumeration for the Murray family, with Alexander Murray being included in the list of ages but not the list of names. His name is missing, and the ages of his younger siblings Eliza Murray, Susan Murray and Margaret Murray are out by a couple of years.
  • In 1846 Alexander Murray and John Murray were imprisoned for stealing watches from William Fillmore, Alexander's master. In the 1851 census there was a William Fillmore living in Camberwell whose occupation was 'Retired Pawnbroker'.

Documentary Sources

2183. ALEXANDER MURRAY was indicted for stealing 1 watch, value 4l.; 1 watch-guard, 10s.; and 1 watch-chain, 10s.; the goods of William Fillmore, his master; and JOHN MURRAY, for feloniously receiving the same, well-knowing them to have been stolen. - They were also indicted for stealing 1 watch, value 10l., the goods of William Fillmore, the master of Alexander Murray ; to both which ALEXANDER MURRAY pleaded GUILTY. Aged 19. - Confined Twenty-one days. JOHN MURRAY pleaded GUILTY. Aged 18. - Confined Six Months.

Source: Twelfth Session, 1845-6. p. 989
Old Bailey Proceedings Online

| No. | Name. | Age. | Trade, &c. | By whom committed. | When Committed. | Offence charged with. | No. | When tried. | Before whom. | Verdict. | Sentence. | | 17 | Alexander Murray and John Murray | 16 18 | Ditto [Labourer] Carrier | G. P. Elliott. Esq | [Oct] 12 | ALEXANDER, stealing three watches, and one guard-chain, the property of William Fillmer, his master; JOHN, feloniously receiving two of said watches, well knowing them to have been stolen. | 17 | [Oct] 30 | Recorder | Both Pld. Guilty | Alexr 3 weeks NewGate John 6 Mo Ho. Co. |

Source: HO 77/53
National Archive


08/09/1830 the Parish Church, St Mary Newington, Surrey
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