Catherine Lawrence

bur. 10/09/1760 Petworth, Sussex


m. 06/12/1741
John Sturt Amberley, Sussex bur. 14/07/1788


bap. 20/06/1742 Willm Stert bur. 04/05/1823
b. 29/08/1743 Ann Sturt
bap. 06/09/1747 Thomas Sturt
bap. 25/03/1750 Edward Sturt
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Also known as

Cath: Sturt, Catharine Sturt, Catherine Sturt, Katharine Sturt

Did You Know?

  • The licence which John Sturt obtained to marry Catherine Lawrence specified that they were to be married in Petworth, but they were married the next day in Amberley.

Documentary Sources

Know all Men by these Presents, That We John Sturt of Petworth in the County of Sussex Bricklayer & Robert ???Harmes of Amberley of the same County yeoman are held and firmly bound unto the Right Reverend Father in God matthias ??? ???? Lord Bishop of Chichester in Two hundred of good and lawful Money of Great Britain; To be paid unto the said Lord Bishop or to his certain Attorney, his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns: To which Payment, well and truly to be made, We oblige ourselves; and each of us by himself in the whole and for the whole our and each of our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, firmly by these Presents, sealed with our Seals. Dated the fifth Day of December in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great-Britain, France and Ireland king Defender of the Faith, and so forth: And in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Forty One The Condition of the above-written Obligation is such, That if there shall not hereafter appear any lawful Let or Impediment, by reason of any Pre-Contract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other just Cause whatsoever; but that The above bounden John Sturt and One Catherine Lawrence may lawfully marry together : And that there is not any Suit depending before any Judge Ecclesiastical or Civil, for, or concerning any such Pre-Contract: And that the Consent of the Parents, or other the Governors of the said Parties, be thereunto first had and obtained: And that they Cause their said Marriage to be openly solemnized in the Face of the Parish Church of Petworth aforesaid between the Hours of Eight and Twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon: And do and shall have harmless and keep indemnified the above-named Reverend Father his Surrogates and all others his Officers, and Successors in Office, for, and concerning the Premises: Then the said Obligation to be Void, or else to be and remain in full Force and Virtue. Sealed and Delivered (being first duly Stamped) in the Presence of The X Mark of John Sturt Bell Carleton Nicholas Covert Robt Harmes

Source: Ep 1/9

Possibly the Same Person?

Catherine Laurence
The Stopworth Catherine would have been quite old to be the Petworth Catherine, but the villages are not far apart.


06/12/1741 Church, Amberley, Sussex
06/12/1741 Petworth, Sussex
20/06/1742 Church, Petworth, Sussex
04/09/1743 Church, Petworth, Sussex
06/09/1747 Church, Petworth, Sussex
25/03/1750 Church, Petworth, Sussex
10/09/1760 Church, Petworth, Sussex
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