Edward Howsden

bap. 12/09/1574 Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
bur. 02/07/1646 Little Hormead, Hertfordshire


Edward Howsden
Esbell Howsden bur. 07/07/1576
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Elizabeth Howsden
m. 18/11/1644
margaret Allen Little Hormead, Hertfordshire


0 Parson

Also known as

Edwarde Howsden

Did You Know?

  • In C 2/ChasI/E9/62 Edward Howsden said that he had objected to the marriage of Christopher Emerson and Anne Howsden because they were 'first Cozens & this defend't for ye Consanguinity betweene them did not hold it fitt they should marry together' and there was 'a Clause in the said [marriage] license that there should be noe affinity or consanguinity betweene the said p[ar]ties'. Apparently, though, legally speaking - that is, under the Marriage Act of 1540 (32 Hen VIII, c.38, 'An Act concerning Pre-contracts of Marriages, and touching Degrees of Consanguinity') - the relationship was not actually an impediment to the marriage, as cousins were not included in the prohibited degrees. (I say 'apparently' as I have not been able to locate a copy of the text of the act to check myself.)
  • In C 2/ChasI/E9/62 Edward Howsden described Christopher Emerson and Anne Howsden as 'first Cozens'. I have not yet been able to establish if the term meant the same in the 1640s as it does nowadays, but if it did mean that their parents were siblings then Christopher's mother Etheldred Howsdon and Anne's father Jhon Howsden seem to be the most likely candidates.

Documentary Sources

In the name of God Amen : I Edward Howseden of Hormead parva in the Countie of Herts Clerke being in good and perfect health and memorie (thankes be therefore given to Allmightie God) yet considering the certaintie of death and the vncertaintie of the houre thereof I doe therefore make and ordaine this my present Last Will and Testament in manner and forme following that is to say First and principallie I co[m]mend my soule into the hands of Allmightie God my maker trusting and assuredlie bileiv???g to be saved in and by the me??? death and passion of Jesus Christ my onlie Savio[ur] and Redeemer And my bodie to the earth from whence it came to be decentlie buried according to the discrec[i]on of my Executrix hereafter named Item I give and bequeath to the poore people of Hormead parva aforesaid the sum[m] of tenn (?) shillings of lawfull money of England to be distributed amongst them on the day of my buriall Item I give and bequeath vnto my brother Richard Howsden the sum[m] of five pounds of like money to be paid vnto him w[i]thin one whole yeare after my decease Item I give vnto my godsonne William Re?eport the sum[m] of five pounds of like lawfull money of England To be paid vnto him w[i]thin two yeares next after my decease Item I give and bequeath vnto Margarett my loving wife All those Six acres of Ley ground com[m]onlie called Whiscotes and one close called com[m]on Croft helden of the Mannor of Hormead p[ar]va whereof I have made surrender bearing date the one and twentieth daie of this instant Januarie to the vses menc[i]oned in my Last Will and Testament. To hold the said Six acres of Ley ground called Whiscotes and the said close called com[m]on Croft to the said Margarett my wife and to her heires for ever . Item I give and bequeath vnto the said Margarett my wife All other my lands tenements house and heredicaments (?) whatsoever to her and to the heires of her bodie lawfullie to be begotten. And for want of such issue after her decease to my cosen Edward Howsden of Icleton (?) and his heires for ever. All the rest of my goods cattle chattells Leases and goods moveable and vnmoveable whatsoever my debts and legacies being paid and my funerall expenses discharged I give and bequeath the same vnto the said Margarett my wife whom I hereby make and ordaine sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament And I doe hereby revoke all former Wills by me made In witnes wherof to this my present last Will and Testament I the said Edward Howsden have sett my hand and seale Dated this two and twentieth daie of Januarie Anno Dni 1644 And in the Twentieth yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God king of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c By me Edward Howsden . Signed sealed and delivered as the last Will and Testament of thabouenamed Edward Howsden these being witnesses Clement Ward William hosart (?) Probatum fuit Testamentum superscriptum Apud London Coram d??? ???ito ??? Francisco Risigsted in legibus ??? Surrogato disectisubditi ??? ??? Brent Militis legum Doctoris Curie ??? Prerogat Magri sive Custodis ??? constituti Decimoquinto die mensis Julij Anno Dni Millesimo sex???desimo quadragesimo sexto Juramento Margarette Howsden relicte d?? d??? et Executris ??? ??? testamento nominat Cui co???ssa fuit admi[n]istrato o??? et ??? bonor[um] ??? et Oreditor[um] dic? defunct De bene et fidel'r ad???strand ea???m Ad ???festu[m] de Evangelia Jurat [There is a note in the margin next to the Probatum section but I can't make it out.]

Source: PROB 11/197/98
National Archive

xijo die Nouemb ...644 To the righte honnorable the Erles of Kent and Bullingbrooke and others Commissioners for the Great Seale of England Hales Humbly complayning shewethe vnto your hon:es your Orators Christopher Emm... of London Merchant and Alice Housden widdowe Executrixe of the last will and Testament of John Housden deceased That ... in Easter Terme 1634 the sayd Richard Housden and Thomas Ellis exhibited another Bill of complaynt into this honnorable Court against the sayd John Housden ... as Administrators of the goods and chattels of the sayd Anne Housden ... ...And the sayd Arbitrators do also Award Order and Judge That the sayd Richard Housden and Thomas Ellis theire executors administrators or assignes shall well and truly pay or cause to be payd by the sayd John Housden his executors or assignes the summe of one hundred and forty p... e...ing at or in the porche of the sayd Parrishe Churche of Hinxton in full discharge of the summe of three hundred pounds intended and directed to be given and payd by the privat Nuncupative Will of Richard Housden deceased And vppon payment & receipt of the sayd hundred & Forty pounds the sayd John Housden or his Asignes ... and Thomas Ellis or one of them out of the sayd hundred and for...nds the summe of Twenty pounds in full discharge and satisfacc[i]on of an obligac[i]on dated the sixt [sic] day of December in the thirteenthe yeare of King James wherin the sayd John Housden and Edward Housden his Father deceased were bound to the sayd Anne Housden deceased ... to the sayd Richard Housden to be cancelled and no suyte to be p[ro]sequ... thervppon at any tyme here after. And the sayd Arbitrators do also Order and Award that the sayd John Housden his executors or assignes shall not at any tyme hereafter clayme or demand by any suyte at the common Lawe, or in any Ecclesiasticall Courte or Court of Equitie a...y p[ar]te ... by reason of his being of kinred [sic] to the sayd Anne, ... ...Another suyte in the sayd Court of whitehall brought by the sayd John Housden as Gardian [sic] to his daughter Margarett synce deceased and Richard Housden sonne of the sayd John Housden against ...yd...ard... And a Tenement and Garden claymed by the sayd John Housdens sonne Richard And other suyts brought by the sayd Richard Housden and Thomas Ellis in the sayd Court of Whitehall against the sayd John Housden & your Oratrixe Alice to discover whether the sayd fortie pounds was not the p[ro]per money of the sayd Ann... ...hitehall against the sayd John Housden and your sayd Oratrix Alice to discover howe the sayd Richard Housden brother of the sayd Anne made a Will and devised fiftie pounds apeece to sixe of the sayd John Housdens Children w[hi]ch afterwards was put out of the Will and payd in his life tyme ... And Edward Housden Clerke the defts brother ... ...Order of the 26th of June 17o R It was ordered that the sayd then Complt Richard Housden should then stand & be committed to the prison of the Fleet for ... sayd conte.. of the F...et to take him into custodie accordingly And afterwards by an order of the 5th of November ...the sayd Thomas Ellis was latelie dead, and that Anne his daughter and wife of William Frisney was heire & Executrix to the sayd Thomas Ellis ... but the sayd Richard Housden William Frisney & his wife not p[er]forming the sayd Order the sayd Richard Housden was thervppon app[re]hended by the warden of the Fleet

Source: C2 CHASI E17 69
National Archive

Primo die Junij 1644 Mardwall (?) To the Right hob'le the Earles of kent and Bullingrooke & others Com:s for the Greate seale of England Humbly compl' sheweth to yo[ur] hono's you[ur] ora:os Christopher Emerson of London merchant & Anne his wife, That whereas about eight yeares since one Edward Howsden cl're Parson of the p[ar]ish of Hornemeade in the county of Hertford & [Blank] his then wife since deceased by con... made after marriage were seised in Fee of a messuage & certaine lands in the s'd p[ar]ish of Hornemeade or therevnto adioyning of the yearely value of 40 : li And the s'd Edward Howsden was then alsoe se'id in Fee of other lands in the said p[ar]ish or neare therevnto o... yearely value of 10li And the s'd Edward Howsden then was & yet is poss'ed of a p[er]sonall estate in money debts bonds leases Cattle howshold stuffe & other things to the value of 2000:li or thereabouts, And the s'd Edward Howsden being of the s'd lands soe seis... & of the s'd p[er]sonall estate soe possessed about the time afores'd there was a treaty & com[m]unicac[i]on betweene yo[ur] orator & the s'd Edward Howsden for a marriage to be had & solemnized betweene yo[ur] orator & yo[ur] oratrix Anne (neece of the s'd Edward Howsde... the s'd Edward did often thentofore divulge in speeches that hee having noe chieldren [sic] of his owne would make the s'd Anne his heire & would give vnto her all his reall & p[er]sonall estate whatsoever, And the s'd Edward Howsden did then contract agree & p[ro]mise to give and pay vnto yo[ur] orator the som[m]e of 700li out of his owne purse in present in case yo[ur] orator would marry & take to wife the s'd Anne Howsden whom hee the s'd Edward declared hee intended to make his heire as afores'd, & that hee would give her all his p[er]sonall estate & all lands whereof hee was solely seised or estated after his death to her & the heires of her body, And that in case hee survived his wife hee would alsoe settle the s'd Messuage & lands of the value of 40 li p[er] Annu[m] vpon the s'd Anne & the heires of her body, Wherevpon shortly after yo[ur] orator (relying vpon the s'd promise & agreemt of the s'd Edward Howsden) did marry & take to wife the s'd Anne by & with the Consent of the s'd Edward Howsden, w[hi]ch marriage was made & p[er]formed at the p[ar]ish church of Strethall in the County of Essex by one Mr Linsey the minister of the s'd church, by the speciall direcc[i]on & appointemt of the s'd Edward Howsden after hee himself had p[er]used yo[ur] orators lycense in that behalf graunted, w[hi]ch hee the sd Edward then affirmed hee would have p[er]formed himself if hee (then & yet practizing Phisicke) had not then had speciall & vrgent occasions requiring his p[re]sence, And further sheweth that after the s'd marriage solemnized & the s'd Edward Howsden neglecting to p[er]forme his s'd promise, ... in p[ar]te of paym't thereof the s'd Edward Howsden did then & there in the p[re]sence of the s'd witnesses give & graunt or declare to give & graunt vnto yo[ur] orator & his heires a messuage & malthowse w[i]th thapp[er]tencs & 28:ty acres of land to the some lying in Hinxton in the County of Cambridge nowe or late in the tenure of John Howsden for satisfacc[i]on of the some [sic] of 260 li p[ar]te of the 500 :li and that hee would then after make vnto yo[ur] orator sufficient conveyance & assurance in the lawe thereof, ...the s'd Edward Howsden hath at severall times only paid vnto yo[ur] orator the summe of 30 :li & noe more in p[ar]te of satisfacc[i]on of ye s'd 500 li (vizt) 5:s in ready money at his owne dwelling howse at Hornemeade, & then writt a note & sent it by yo[ur] orator to his nephewe Edward Howsden the yonger [sic] to deliver to yo[ur] orator a bond of 40: s then in his custody wherein the s'd John Howsden stood bound to him the s'd Edw: Howsden cl're for paymt of 20:s that yo[ur] orator might receave the money and therevpon but the s'd Edward Howsden the nephewe delaying to deliu[er] to yo[ur] orator the s'd bond, the s'd Edward Howsden cl're wrott another note to the s'd Edward Howsden & sent the same by one Edward Trigg to deliver the s'd bond to yo[ur] orator w[hi]ch hee then delivered vp to yo[ur] orator, & yo[ur] orator hath since receaved the principall money 20 : li therevpon due ...... But nowe soe it is may it please yo[r] hono's that the s'd Edward Howsden (his wife beinge lately dead combining practiseing & confederating wh Margaret Allen his maide servant a woman of a suspected reputac[i]on & one James Merry her father in lawe servant alsoe to the s'd Edward Howsden the s'd confederates doe plott & conspire howe & by what meanes they may defeate & defraude yo[ur] orator ... And yo[ur] orator lately coming in a peaceable man[n]er to the s'd Edward Howsden ... hee the s'd Edward Howsden, & the s'd Margaret Allen & James Merry did to picke a quarrell w[i]th (?) yo[ur] orator) frist [sic] vntruly charge yo[ur] orator to have spoken some words tending to impeach the reputac[i]ons of the s'd Edward Howsden & Margaret Allen, w[hi]ch yo[ur] orator denying, yet nevertheles ye said confederates did then assault & greevously beate & wound yo[ur] 'sd orator, & did threaten that if yo[ur] orator entred [sic] vpon the s'd ten acres of land or come againe to the howse to make any such demands that they would beate or kill yo[ur] s'd orator, & soe by threates & violente the s'd confederates doe keepe the poss'ion of the s'd land by force from yo[ur] orator And the s'd confederates doe alsoe give out in speeches the s'd Edward Howsden hath lately settled & assured or intendeth to settle & assure the sd lease & all other the s'd good lands & whole estate of the s'd Edward Howsden vpon the s'd Margaret Allen in reward of her good service & for noe other valuable consideracon or to some others in trust for her or the s'd Merry ... the s'd Margaret Allen & James Merry & [next few words hidden in crease in page] gotten into their hands all the deeds writings & evidence touching the s'd lands doe conceale & suppresse the same, & taking advantage of the greate age & nowe weaknes in judgemt of the s'd Edward Howsden doe ingrosse the s'd Edward Howsden & conceale & keepe him in their pow... [next few words hidden in crease] from him to speak... the s'd Edward Howsden to p[er]fect the s'd bargaines or to compose & agree the sd differences, & the sd confederates doe imbezell & purloyne the estate of the s'd Edward Howsden & doe alter divers debts & bonds into their owne names or others in trust for them & doe imbezell the sd goods & chattels wch doe p[ro]p[er]ly belong vnto yo[ur] orators ... The joynt and severall answeres of Edward Howsden Clarke Margarett Allyn & James Merry Defend'ts to ye bill of Complaint of Christopher Emerson and Anne his wife Complaynts ... And first the said Edward Howsden for himselfe saith that aboute the tyme in the bill of Complaynt menc[i]oned hee the said Edward Howsden & Elizabeth his then wife since deceased were joyntly seized to them & their heires of one messuages or tenem't the p[ar]ish of Hormead in the County of Hertfs & certen Land to ye same belonginge of the vallue of Ten pounds p[er] Annu[m] or thereabouts which was purchased by the said defend't Edward Howsdens late wife ... this Defen't saith that true it is that aboute the tyme in the bill menc[i]oned this defend't heard that the Complt xpofer was an earnest suito[ur] to ye Compl't: Anne and some freinds [sic] of ye said xpofers weere [sic] very importunate & earnest w[i]th this defend't to give his Consent to ye said marriage which this defend't could not be brought to in regard the Complaynants are first Cozens & this defend't for ye Consanguinity betweene them did not hold it fitt they should marry together Wherevppon ye Compl't: xpofer grew more earnest in his suite And some freinds [sic] of ye said Compl't : xpofers weere [sic] fearefull that if the said marriage should not have taken effect the said Compl Christopher would have done some wronge vnto himselfe & therevppon w[i]th more importunity did sollicite this defend't for his Consent to ye said m...ge As by a letter from the Compl:ts Sister to this defend't will appeare Which marriage this defend't was allwayes against And this defend't likewise saith that true it is the Compl't: Xpofer did bringe this Defend't a license graunted for ye supposed marriage aforesaid And this Defend't vppon p[er]usall of ye same f?ndeinge a Clause in the said license that there should be noe affinity or consanguinity betweene the said p[ar]ties (& this Defend't knoweinge ye neerenes [sic] of blood betweene them returned him his license againe but neu[er] gave him any direcc[i]on or appoyntm't to goe to Strethall in Essex or to any other place for ye p[er]formance of ye same ... Nor was this Defend'ts practise in Phisick soe greate but that hee might have spared soe much tyme, if he had beene wilinge w[i]th the said marriage Nor doth this Defend't know that the said marriage was solempnized at Strethall but rather beleives [sic] the contrary in regard of ye Consanguinity aforesaid ... But this Defend't saith that the Complt: xpofer makeinge his moane to this Defend't that he wanted a howse to live in, & this Defend't haveinge a howse at Hinxton aforesaid the possession whereof was deteyned from him hee this Defend't told the said Compl't: that if hee could gett ye possession of that howse hee might live in the same rent free only hee should give this Defend't a Supp of beere when hee came that way Which was the conference which passed betweene the Compl't: & this Defend't at that tyme: / And this Defendt doth confesse that since that tyme hee this defendt: in considerac[i]on of a Some of money the certainty whereof this defend't doth not now remember did sell convey & assure ~ the said messuage maulthouse & land to the same belonginge to John Howsden in the bill named & his heires who had ye reverc[i]on of the same after the death of this Defend't & his said Late wife as he hopeth vnder favo[ur] of this hono'ble Court was lawfull for him to doe ... And this Defend't further sayth that since the tyme of the said p[re]tended marriage the said Compl't makeinge many journeys over to this Defend't & much moane that hee was in such want of money hee know not how to subsiste this Defend't hath at severall tymes releeved his necessityes & hath disbursed to him the Some of Fifty pounds Twenty pounds whereof was received vppon the bond in the bill menc[i]oned wherein John Howsden stood bound to this Defendt: And this Defend't likewise saith that hee was Contented to assigne vnto the Compl:t a lease where of hee this Defend't stood possessed of Tenne acres of land by estimac[i]on in the bill menc[i]oned to beginne for the adsu[er]ue of this terme w[hi]ch shalbe to come & vnexpired after the death of him this Defend't And for the draweinge of an Indenture of Assignem't to comence [sic] after his death as aforesaid hee this Defend't did deliver vnto the Complt the Indenture of Assignem't of this said lease dated the 22th: [sic] of February Anno viij:o Jacobi Regis made by one Thomas Bownest to him this Defend't: But the said Compl't: not pursueinge the said ~ Instrucc[i]ons given him by this Defendt concerninge ye Assignem't aforesaid Did drawe or cause to be drawne an Assignem'te of ye said Lease Dated about two yeares Since & to beginne from that tyme quite contrary to ye direcc[i]on given him by this Defendt which this Defend't: did refuse to seale & did tell the Compl't: that hee would give him the said Lease by his Will ... And as to ye Assault or Battery p[re]tended to be made by this Defend't vppon the Compl't: Hee this Defend't: saith that the Compl't: cominge at one tyme vnto his this Defend'ts howse & haveinge vsed vncivill & scandalous speeches of this Defend't Hee this Defend't laid his hands gently vppon him & putt him out of his howse sayeinge that hee would nourish noe such vipers, the which is all the Assault & battery that hee ever made vppon him ... And the said Margarett Allyn ... saith that shee verrily beleeveth that the said Compl't Xpofer (haveinge by his owne relac[i]on lowdly spent & consumed his estate) doth intend to heale & recover himselfe out of ye Defend't Edward Howsdens esta... ...All which matters these Defend'ts are ready to averre & prove as this Ho'ble Court shall award & humbly pray to be hence dismissed w[i]th their reasonable Costs & Charges in this behalfe most wrongfully susteyned Edward Howsden signu[m] margaret Allen Jacobi ? Merry Ad (?) Ed'us Howsden Cl'icus Margaretta Allyn et Jacobus Merry Jurat fuer' ~ vicessimo primo die Junij vicessimo Caroli Regs apud Hormead in Com Hertfs coram nobis PhilL: CagL Johe Warde sen'

Source: C 2/ChasI/E9/62
National Archive


12/09/1574 Church, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
18/11/1644 Church, Little Hormead, Hertfordshire
02/07/1646 Church, Little Hormead, Hertfordshire
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