Benjamin Mepham


m. 12/04/1787
Elizabeth Corke Mayfield, Sussex bur. 19/01/1806


bap. 10/05/1789 John Mepham
bap. 26/06/1791 Mary Mepham d. 05/12/1853
bap. 21/05/1797 Hannah Mepham
bap. 25/12/1798 James Mepham
bap. 22/03/1801 William Mepham
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.

Did You Know?

  • There is a gap in the baptisms of the children of Benjamin Mepham and Elizabeth Corke in Heathfield between 1791 and 1797. According to PAR372/35/2, as at 10 January 1792 Benjamin had run away, leaving his wife and family chargeable to the parish. Benjamin was presumably also absent in 1795, when it was ordered that Elizabeth's 8-year-old son Benjamin Mepham Cork be sent back to Mayfield, his parish of birth, having become chargeable to the parish of Heathfield.
  • There are a couple of baptisms in mid-eighteenth-century Sussex that could be Benjamin Mepham's, but since both the record of his marriage and the bastardy bond he signed a few days before state that he was 'of Folkestone' in Kent I don't think there are sufficient grounds to make the link.

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR 422/34/3/37
East Sussex Record Office
Source: PAR 422/32/3/80
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Source: PAR 372/35/2
East Sussex Record Office


12/04/1787 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
12/04/1787 Kent
10/05/1789 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
26/06/1791 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
21/05/1797 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
25/12/1798 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
22/03/1801 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
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