Etheldred Howsdon


m. 18/12/1596
Hewe Emberson Great Chesterford, Essex

Did You Know?

  • I think it likely that the Howsdens of Great Chesterford derived their name from Ousden in Suffolk. One document at the ERO refers to 'John Denham alias Howseden of Great Chesterford' (Q/SR 51/59), while another refers to 'John Owsden' (D/P 10/25/8). A document at TNA relates to 'messuage and land in Dalham, Owsden and Denham, Suffolk' (C 2/JasI/B7/66), and according to Google Maps Ousden and Denham in Suffolk are about 2 miles apart.
  • In C 2/ChasI/E9/62 Edward Howsden described Christopher Emerson and Anne Howsden as 'first Cozens'. I have not yet been able to establish if the term meant the same in the 1640s as it does nowadays, but if it did mean that their parents were siblings then Christopher's mother Etheldred Howsdon and Anne's father Jhon Howsden seem to be the most likely candidates.
  • The marriages of sisters Etheldred Howsdon and Christian Howsden are consecutive entries in the parish register, and so are the baptisms of their daughters Marye Emersonn and Etheldred Benefelde.

Documentary Sources

In all humilitye Complayninge informeth your excellent Ma[jes]tie your most loyall and faithfull subiect Hugh Emerson of the p[ar]ishe of St Stephens in Colemanstreete in the Cittie of London grocer ... That Edmund Purton and Edward Osborne gent not hauinge the feare of god before their eyes neyther regardinge the straightnes and daunger of yo[ur] Ma[jes]ties said Lawes, did vpon the two and Twentith [sic] day of September being in the seaventh yeare of yo[ur] Ma[jes]ties happy reinge [sic] ... did outragiously riottouslye and vnlawfully enter in to the h??se of yo[ur] subiect scituate in Colemanstreet in London aforesaid att w[hi]ch tyme Etheldred the wyfe of yo[ur] subiect togeather w[i]th Christian Bedingfeild her Sister, was then in the said howse ... And in the end it soe happened that one Richard weston vnkle to yo[ur] subiects wyfe, then Com[m]inge into yo[ur] subiects howse and hearinge the said outrage and noyce aboue in the said howse, ranne vpp the said stayres and looking into the said roome he p[er]ceyved his said neeces to be most vndulye & shamfullye wronged by them the said Edmond & Edward ...

Source: STAC 8/132/3
National Archive

sup[er] libello ex p[ar]te Baynes dat ext 3o Novembris 1619 ... Etheldreda Emerson vxor Hugonis Emerson p[ar]oe sancti Boti extra Aldersgate Lond (?) grocer Cuius vxor stetit p[er] xixv (?) annos vet sed mora fecit in ead p[ar]oa p[er] vnu[m] quartor?[m] ann? vet aut eo Cirter aut ea infra p[ar]oa[m] sancti Andr? in holborne London p[er] quatuor annos vet nata apud Chesterford magna in Com Essex annoru[m] etat xxxj aut eo C?rter libere et (?) dicit (?) q?? p[ar]ta[m] (?) p[er] durenta[m] p[er] ??? annos vel ??? dicis

Source: Depositions Book Apr. 1619 -June 1620, London Metropolitan Archives, City of London, from the Diocese of London collection, DL/C/0226 (folio 17v)
London Metropolitan Archive

hec est finalis Concordia f[a]cta in Cur' Regine apud Westm' a die Paschem ?iiid oo // mensem aiiiis regnor[um] Elizabeth dei gra' Angl' Franc' & hib[er]nie Regine fide defens[or] &c A Conqu' quadragesimo coram Edmundo Anderson Thoma Walmysley & Thoma oo Cwen Justic' & alijs dne Regine fidelib[us] tunc ibi p[re]sentib[us] Int[er] Hugonem Emerson & Etheldredam vxem eius quer' et Ioh[ann]em Howsden & Dorotheam vxem eius deforc' de duo mesuagis vno pomario & decem & octo acris t're cum p[er]tin' in Chesterford magna vnde Pl'itm Conuencois sum' fuit int[er] eos in eadem Cur' Vult qd p[re]dti Joh[ann]es & Dorothea recogn' p[re]d[ic]ta ten' cum p[er]tin esse ius ipiiis Hugone vt illi que ijdem oo hugo & Etheldreda hens de dono p[re]dcor[um] Joh'is & Dorothee Eo illi remiser' & oo//oo quietclam' de ipid Joh'e & Dorothea & hered suis p[re]dcis Hugom & Etheldrede & hered ipiiid Hugonis Inp[er]pm Et p[re]t[er]ea ijdem Joh'es & Dorothea Concesser' p[ro] se & hered ipiiid Joh'is qd ipi warant p[re]dtis Hugoni & Etheldrede & hered ipiiis hugonis p[re]dca ten' cum p[er]tin cont' oiiied heres Inp[er]pm Et pr[ro] hac recogn' oo//oo remissione quietclam' warant' fine & Concordia ijdem Hugo & Etheldreda oo // deder' p[re]dcis Joh'i & Dorothee C???gnita libras ster liiigor[um] // Essex [on back?] Scdm formam statuti Prima p[ro]clam' fca fuit vicesimo nouo die maij t[er]mo Pasche Anno quadragesimo Regine infrascr' Scda p[ro]clam fca fuit vicesimo octavo die Junij t[er]mio sce Trinitatis Anno quadragesimo Regno infrasc T[er]cia p[ro]clam fca fuit vicesimo die octobr' t[er]mio sci Michis Anno || quadragesimo Regine infrasc' Quarta p[ro]clam fca fuit vicesimo sep[ro]to die Januarij t[er]mio sci Hillary Anno quadragesimo primo Regno infrascr'

Source: CP 25/2/138/1748/40ELIZIEASTER
National Archive


18/12/1596 Church, Great Chesterford, Essex
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