James Burton

bur. 13/10/1802 Dallington, Sussex


m. 30/04/1794
Frances Burton Burwash, Sussex bur. 05/02/1832


bap. 09/07/1794 William Burton
bap. 24/09/1795 John Burton
bap. 27/11/1796 James Burton
bap. 15/10/1798 Ann Burton d. 23/10/1868
bap. 24/11/1799 Stephen Burton bur. 08/01/1801
bap. 28/12/1800 Maria Burton
bap. 23/12/1801 Samuel Burton bur. 27/12/1801
bap. 06/02/1803 Frances Burton
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Did You Know?

  • The register entry for the marriage of James Burton and Frances Burton has Frances's maiden name as both Burton and Burchett. The banns have Burchet.


30/04/1794 Church, Burwash, Sussex
30/04/1794 Sussex
09/07/1794 Church, Burwash, Sussex
24/09/1795 Church, Burwash, Sussex
27/11/1796 Church, Burwash, Sussex
15/10/1798 Church, Dallington, Sussex
24/11/1799 Church, Dallington, Sussex
28/12/1800 Church, Dallington, Sussex
23/12/1801 Church, Dallington, Sussex
13/10/1802 Church, Dallington, Sussex
06/02/1803 Church, Dallington, Sussex
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