Iden Bones

b. 1809-1812 (app)
Sussex/Sussex Rotherfield
bap. 01/12/1811 Mayfield, Sussex
bur. 10/04/1875 Rotherfield, Sussex


James Bonds d. 13/06/1848
Mary Pavey d. 21/01/1848
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m. 19/04/1845
Harriet Fenner Mayfield, Sussex
m. 08/08/1849
Eliza Dadswell St Mary Somerset, London


1845 Servant
1849 Tanner
1851 Labourer
1851 Labourer in Iron Foundry
1861 Laborer

Also known as

Iden Bond, Iden Bonds

Marriages Witnessed

21/11/1833 Marriage of James Bones and Philadelphia Gilbert, Rotherfield, Sussex
18/12/1849 Marriage of Jesse Bonds and Lucy Eldridge, Mayfield, Sussex
Note: because marriage records do not indicate the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom, this list represents likely involvement of the individual on the basis of a name match.

Did You Know?

  • It doesn't look like Mary Pavey had any children with her first husband James Martin, but her children with her second husband James Bonds included two sets of twins: Iden Bones and James Bones in 1811 and Henry Bond and Mary Bones in 1816.
  • Given that the only other contemporaneous individual I've found with the same unusual name was five years old at the time, I think it likely that the Iden Bonds named as the informant on Mary Pavey's death certificate was her son Iden Bones.
  • In 1841 James Bonds and Mary Pavey were living at Catts Cottage in Rotherfield with their youngest son Jesse Bones. Also living at Catts Cottage were a John Pavey and his family, including his young son Iden Pavey who shared his unusual forename with James and Mary's eldest son Iden Bones.
  • In 1851 Jesse Bones and his brother Iden Bones were living in the same house in Poplar.
  • Iden Bones seems to appear twice in the 1851 census: once listed with his wife in Poplar, and once as a patient in St Thomas Hospital.

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR 422/34/2/150
East Sussex Record Office


01/12/1811 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
19/04/1845 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
19/04/1845 Sussex
08/08/1849 the Parish Church, St Mary Somerset, London
08/08/1849 Lambeth Hill, London
30/03/1851 5 Tooke St, Poplar, Middlesex
30/03/1851 St Thomas Hospital, St Thomas the Apostle, Winchester, Southwark, Surrey
07/04/1861 North Sury Cottage, Camberwell, C???den, Surrey
10/04/1875 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
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