Hannah Jerman

b. 1756 (app)
bap. 16/05/1756 Ewhurst, Sussex
d. 16/02/1843 Heathfield, Hellingly, Hailsham Union, Sussex
bur. 19/02/1843 Heathfield, Sussex


Harry Jarman bur. 28/05/1792
Sarah Knight bur. 25/08/1795
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m. 12/10/1777
Thomas Relf Etchingham, Sussex bur. 04/04/1792
m. 13/09/1795
John Harmer Heathfield, Sussex


bap. 27/09/1778 Thomas Relf bur. 12/10/1787
bap. 04/06/1780 Susannah Relfe d. 15/05/1853
bap. 09/06/1782 Zebulon Relf
bap. 04/04/1784 Hannah Relfe
bap. 28/01/1787 Jesse Relf bur. 01/03/1787
bap. 21/11/1790 Jeremiah Relf bur. 17/10/1791
bap. 25/10/1795 Ann Harmer
bap. 28/01/1798 Rebecca Harmer
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.


1843 Widow of

Also known as

Hannah Harmer, Hannah Jarman, Hannah Relf, Hannah Relfe

Did You Know?

  • Thomas Relf and Hannah Jerman were both able to sign their names in the parish register when they married in 1777.
  • In 1841 Hannah Jerman was living with James Relf and his family in Street End in Heathfield. I haven't been able to find any record of James's birth (which according to later censuses was around 1788 in Heathfield), but I suspect he may have been her son. This would explain why she was living with him, a birth year of 1788 is not impossible given the baptism and burial dates of Hannah's other children, and the names of James's children and grandchildren overlap with the names of Hannah's children (including the highly unusual name shared by Zebulon Relf and Zebulun Relfe). But if he is Hannah's son, it's puzzling that there is no record of his baptism and he didn't name one of his daughters Hannah.
  • John Harmer had two wives called Hannah, Hannah Mepham and Hannah Jerman.


16/05/1756 Church, Ewhurst, Sussex
12/10/1777 Church, Etchingham, Sussex
12/10/1777 Sussex
27/09/1778 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
04/06/1780 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
09/06/1782 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
04/04/1784 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
28/01/1787 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
21/11/1790 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
13/09/1795 Heathfield, Sussex
13/09/1795 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
25/10/1795 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
28/01/1798 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
07/06/1841 Street End, Heathfield, [Sussex]
16/02/1843 Heathfield, Hailsham, Sussex
19/02/1843 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
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