Jane Bignold

bap. 27/01/1737 Westerham, Kent


William Bignoll
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m. 01/05/1756
William Sales Westerham, Kent


bap. 07/10/1757 William Sales bur. 18/03/1770
bap. 01/07/1759 John Sales
bap. 26/04/1761 Richard Sales
bap. 06/06/1762 Edward Sales
bap. 16/09/1764 Joseph Sales
bap. 31/05/1767 Henry Sales
bap. 08/10/1769 Isaac Sales bur. 25/01/1773
bap. 27/01/1771 James Sales d. 07/11/1846
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Also known as

Jane Bignoll, Jane Sales

Did You Know?

  • The marriage of William Sales and Jane Bignold in 1756 was witnessed by a John Jewell; the marriage of their son James Sales and Hannah French in 1795 was witnessed by a George Jewell. George Jewell was a witness to all but one of the marriages on two of the pages of the register in the 1820s, so I suspect he was some kind of church official.


27/01/1737 church, Westerham, Kent
01/05/1756 church, Westerham, Kent
01/05/1756 Kent
07/10/1757 church, Westerham, Kent
01/07/1759 church, Westerham, Kent
26/04/1761 church, Westerham, Kent
06/06/1762 church, Westerham, Kent
16/09/1764 church, Westerham, Kent
31/05/1767 church, Westerham, Kent
08/10/1769 church, Westerham, Kent
27/01/1771 church, Westerham, Kent
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