Catherine Abra Peters

b. 14/02/1874
3 St Luke's Square, Millwall
bap. 15/03/1874 St Luke's Millwall, Middlesex


Arthur Edward Peters
Catherine E. Peters
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m. 12/10/1914
Frederick James Newland St Peter and St Paul Bath, Somerset d. 24/04/1942


1881 Scholar
1939 dreesmaker (?)

Also known as

C A Newland, Catharine Abra Newland, Catherine A. Peters, Catherine Abra Hills, Catherine Abra Newland, Newland Catherine A


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15/03/1874 3 St Luke's Square, Milwall, St Luke's, Milwall, Middlesex
03/04/1881 Alpha House, Poplar, St Luke's, London
02/04/1911 7 Springfield Road, Essex
12/10/1914 the Parish Church, St Peter and St Paul Bath, Somerset
12/10/1914 19 Nelson Grove Road, Merton, Surrey
06/11/1918 6 Park Terrace Southend on Sea U.D., Southend on Sea, ROCHFORD, Southend on Sea C.B.
24/04/1942 27 North Road, Hersham, Surre, Guildford and Godalming, SURREY SOUTH-WESTERN, Surrey
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