Martha Emily Newland

b. 1842 (app)
Kent Bromley
bap. 03/07/1842 Bromley, Kent
bur. 11/05/1862 Croydon District of St James, Surrey


Thomas Newland d. 16/02/1902
Jane Vie d. 18/01/1905
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1851 Scholar

Also known as

Martha E Newland

Did You Know?

  • Martha Emily Newland was the grand-daughter of Martha Newell; the minister at her baptism was called R Newell.
  • I was puzzled that Thomas Newland and Jane Vie married in Greenwich, when they had no apparent association with the parish, but apparently marrying outside one's own parish could be a way of evading parental disapproval. Their daughter Martha Emily Newland was baptised 7 months later, which may explain it!


03/07/1842 Elmstead, Bromley, Kent
03/07/1842 [Church], Bromley, Kent
30/03/1851 Chapmore End, Bengeo, Rochester, Hertfordshire
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