Elena Jane Newland

b. 1850 (app)
Hertford/Herts Bengeo
bap. 28/10/1849 Bengeo, Hertford


Thomas Newland d. 16/02/1902
Jane Vie d. 18/01/1905
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m. 26/02/1873
William McMillan Upper Norwood, Surrey


1871 Servt at Home out of employ

Also known as

Clara Jane Newland, Eleanor J McMillan, Eleanor Jane Newland, Elenore Jane Newland

Did You Know?

  • On her marriage certificate Elena Jane Newland's marital status was originally 'Spinster' but has been crossed in and replaced with 'Widow'; her father's surname is given as Pearson, but the father's occupation is consistent with Thomas Newland's known occupation. The next certificate in the register also has a number of alterations.
  • In the 1851 census Elena Jane Newland's name is given as 'Clara'. I suspect this may be a misreading on the part of the enumerator of 'Elena', which was the spelling of her name used in the baptism register two years before.


28/10/1849 Chapmore End, Bengeo, Rochester, Hertfordshire
28/10/1849 Church, Benjoy alias Bengeo, Hertford
30/03/1851 Chapmore End, Bengeo, Rochester, Hertfordshire
02/04/1871 2 High Street Meadow Stile, Croydon, St Johns, Surrey
26/02/1873 Croydon, Surrey
26/02/1873 All Saints, Upper Norwood, Surrey
03/04/1881 3 Archibald St, St Leonard, St Mary, Bromley, London
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