Thomas Collins

b. 28/08/1821
bap. 30/09/1821 Heathfield Chapel, Sussex
d. 03/03/1912 1 Nelson Villas, Frederick Road, Hastings, Ore, HASTINGS, County Borough of Hastings


Thomas Collins d. 18/11/1863
Ann Burton d. 23/10/1868
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m. 26/07/1845
Jane Burchett Warbleton, Sussex


b. 1846 (app) Alice Collins Sussex Warbleton
b. 1848-1849 (app) Jane Collins Sussex Warbleton/Sussex, Warbleton
b. 1851 (app) Faith Collins Sussex Warbleton/Warbleton Sussex
b. 13/01/1853 Sophia Collins Warbleton d. 24/12/1920
b. 1855 (app) Thomas Collings Warbleton Sussex
b. 1858 (app) George Collings Sussex Warbleton/Warbleton Sussex
b. 1860 (app) Harriet Collings Sussex Warbleton/Warbleton Sussex
b. 1863 (app) Emily Collins Sussex Warbleton
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1841 M S
1845 Labourer
1851 Lime Burner & Ag Lab
1852 Carrier
1853 Labourer
1861 Ag Lab
1871 Farm Labourer
1881 Farmer 6 acres Ag Lab
1893 Farm Bailiff
1901 Farm Labourer
1911 None formerly farm labourer
1912 Agricultural Labourer

Also known as

Thomas Collings, Thos Collings

Did You Know?


30/09/1821 Heathfield, Hailsham, Sussex
07/06/1841 Flitterbrook, Warbleton, Sussex
26/07/1845 Warbleton, Hellingly, HAILSHAM, Sussex
26/07/1845 the Parish Church, Warbleton, Sussex
30/03/1851 Warbleton, Hellingly, HAILSHAM, Sussex
15/02/1853 Warbleton, Hellingly, HAILSHAM, Sussex
07/04/1861 Warbleton, Hellingly, HAILSHAM, Sussex
02/04/1871 Bencom Land, Warbleton, Sussex
03/04/1881 Birchford, Warbleton, Sussex
31/03/1901 Beer Shops Barley Mow Inn, Heathfield, Heathfield All, East Sussex
02/04/1911 17 Nelson Villas, Frederick Road, Ore, Sussex
03/03/1912 1 Nelson Villas, Frederick Road, Ore, HASTINGS, County Borough of Hastings
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