Samuel Burchett


m. 28/06/1810
Mary Mepham Warbleton, Sussex d. 05/12/1853


bap. 20/03/1814 Samuel Burchet Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 08/06/1817 George Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 24/10/1819 Mary Anne Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
b. 18/07/1821 Sarah Ann Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 04/01/1824 Jane Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 12/11/1826 Harriet Birchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 04/01/1829 Job Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 19/02/1832 Kezia Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
bap. 09/02/1834 Hannah Burchett Bexhill (at baptism)
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.


1814 Labourer
1817 Lab:r
1819 Labr
1821 Labourer
1824 Poulterer
1826 Lab:r
1829 Laborer
1832 Poulterer
1834 Poulterer
1841 Ag Lab
1845 Labourer
1852 Higler
1852 Laborer
1853 Higgler

Also known as

Sam:l Birchett, Saml: Birchett, Samuel Burchet

Did You Know?

  • In 1852 Samuel Burchett was a Higler (a sort of small-time dealer)
  • Samuel Burchett and Mary Mepham had their daughter Jane Burchett baptised on 4th January 1824 and their son Job Burchett baptised on 4th January 1829.
  • Although the Old-Testament names Samuel Burchett and Mary Mepham gave to two of their children are associated with non-conformists, all but one of the children were baptised in the parish church. (Sarah Ann Burchett's baptism is recorded in the records of the Wesleyan circuit.)
  • Although it seems strange that there was such a long gap between the marriage of Samuel Burchett and Mary Mepham in Warbleton in 1810 and the baptism of their first child Samuel Burchet in Bexhill in 1814, I think the evidence from the 1841 and 1851 Warbleton censuses strongly suggests that they are the same couple. In 1841, when the younger children were still living with their parents, the next family includes a John Mepham. And the 1851 census, when Kezia Burchett was still living with her mother, says that Mary was born in about 1791 in Heathfield.
  • In 1851 William Burchett was living in the next household but one from Mary Mepham widow of Samuel Burchett; Samuel was possibly William's brother.

Possibly the Same Person?

Samuel Burchett
Name Age Known Residence Occupation
The age on the death certificate does not correspond to the age on the 1841 census, but the census age seems unlikely as it would have made Samuel 14-19 when he married in 1810. The informant has the same name as two women on the same page of the census.


28/06/1810 Warbleton, Hellingly, HAILSHAM, Sussex
28/06/1810 the Parish Church, Warbleton, Sussex
20/03/1814 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
20/03/1814 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
08/06/1817 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
08/06/1817 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
24/10/1819 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
24/10/1819 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
23/08/1821 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
04/01/1824 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
04/01/1824 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
12/11/1826 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
12/11/1826 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
04/01/1829 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
04/01/1829 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
19/02/1832 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
19/02/1832 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
09/02/1834 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
09/02/1834 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
07/06/1841 On the Common, Warbleton, Sussex
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