George Vinton

b. 11/02/1806
bap. 15/03/1806 Orpington, Kent
bur. 19/02/1872 Lewisham, Kent


William Vintin
Racheal Vintin
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m. 26/07/1846
Sarah Clark St Paul Deptford, Kent & Surrey


bap. 04/04/1847 Hannah E. Vinten Keston (at baptism)
bap. 05/11/1848 William G. Vinten Keston (at baptism)
b. 1850 (app) Louisa Vinten Deptford Kent
bap. 02/02/1851 Emily Vinten Keston (at baptism)
bap. 27/11/1853 Marian Vinten Farnborough (at baptism)
bap. 24/02/1856 Esther Vinten Farnboro' (at baptism) bur. 25/03/1860
bap. 26/09/1858 Edward Vinten Farnboro' (at baptism) bur. 01/04/1860
b. 1861 (app) Fanny Vinten Greenwich Kent
b. 1863 (app) Jessie Vinten Greenwich Kent
b. 10/05/1866 Blanche Vinten 14 Bath Street (at baptism) bur. 03/12/1866
bap. 12/02/1868 Minnie Vinten 5 Princes of Grange Place (at baptism)
b. 01/01/1871 Charlotte Vinten 2 Albert Terrace Blackheath Hill (at baptism)
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1846 Gardener
1847 Labourer
1848 Gardener
1851 Gardener
1853 Labourer
1856 Labourer
1858 Labourer
1861 Gardener
1866 Gardener
1867 Gard?ner
1868 Gardener
1871 Gardener

Also known as

George Venten, George Vinten, George Winton

Did You Know?


15/03/1806 Church, All Saints, Orpington, Kent
26/07/1846 the Parish Church, St Paul Deptford, Kent & Surrey
26/07/1846 St Paul Deptford, Kent & Surrey
04/04/1847 Church, Keston, Kent
04/04/1847 Keston, Keston, Kent
05/11/1848 Church, Keston, Kent
05/11/1848 Keston, Keston, Kent
02/02/1851 Church, Keston, Kent
02/02/1851 Keston, Keston, Kent
30/03/1851 Philippi Lodge, Keston, Kent
27/11/1853 Farnboro', Farnborough, Kent
27/11/1853 Church, Farnborough, Kent
24/02/1856 Farnboro', Farnborough, Kent
24/02/1856 Church, Farnborough, Kent
26/09/1858 Farnboro', Farnborough, Kent
26/09/1858 Church, Farnborough, Kent
07/04/1861 14 Coldbath St, Greenwich, Kent
10/06/1866 St Alphege's, Greenwich, Kent
10/06/1866 14 Coldbath St, Greenwich, Kent
02/04/1871 2 Albert Yd, Lewisham, Kent
19/02/1872 Burial Ground of the Parish of Lewisham, Lewisham
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