David Dear

b. 1811-1812 (app)
bap. 07/02/1811 Craig by Montrose, Angus
d. 08/03/1865 81 Beresford Street, Woolwich Arsenal, GREENWICH, Kent
bur. 14/03/1865 Plumstead, Kent


David Daer d. 02/05/1855
Ann Mitchell bur. 08/07/1843
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Margaret Dunstone Perrow d. 25/02/1870
Name Age Known Residence Spouse Name Spouse Occupation
Given husband name is same as one of sons, and youngest son was admitted to workhouse as orphan two months later.


Margaret Dear
b. 09/12/1847 Emily Dear Pomeroy Street Deptford d. 15/10/1923
b. 27/12/1849 Ellen Amelia Dear 3 Charlotte Street
b. 04/10/1852 Jeanette Elizabeth Dear 4 Ravensbourne Place
b. 1855 (app) James Dear Kent Greenwich
b. 10/11/1857 Alfred Ross Dear 25 Green Walk
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1848 Engine Fitter
1850 Engineer
1851 Working Engineer
1852 Engineer
1857 Engine Fitter
1861 Engine Fitter
1865 Engine Fitter
1867 Engineer
1869 Engineer
1870 an Engineer
1875 Engineer

Also known as

D. Dear, David Daer, James Dear


Possibly the Same Person?

David Dear
Name Age Place Of Birth Known Residence Occupation
The age and place of birth are consistent, but the Northumberland David's age may have been rounded, and 'Scotland' is somewhat vague!. Also matches on father name and occupation. The residence connection is based on Margaret Dear's birth place.


07/02/1811 [Church?], Craig, Angus, Scotland
08/01/1848 Pomeroy Street, Saint Paul's Deptford, GREENWICH UNION, Kent & Surrey
30/03/1851 19 Bridge Street, Greenwich, Kent
07/04/1861 3 St Alphage St, Greenwich, Kent
08/03/1865 81 Beresford Street, Woolwich Arsenal, GREENWICH, Kent
14/03/1865 Burial Ground of the Woolwich Burial Board, Plumstead, Kent
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