Margaret Dear

b. 1844-1847 (app)
Middlesex London/Newcastle on Tyne Northumberland/Northumberland/Westmorland Kendal


David Dear d. 08/03/1865
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m. 07/11/1869
Thomas Philipson Liverpool, Lancaster
m. 28/11/1875
Alexander Ion St Thomas Kendal, Westmorland


1851 Scholar
1869 ?

Also known as

Margaret Ion, Margaret Philipson, Margrett Philipson

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30/03/1851 19 Bridge Street, Greenwich, Kent
07/11/1869 the Parish Church, Liverpool, Lancaster
07/11/1869 Duke St, Lancaster
02/04/1871 Stricklandgate yo 39 Ho 8, Kendm, St George?, Kendm, Westmorland
28/11/1875 St Thomas' Church, St Thomas Kendal, Westmorland
28/11/1875 Gandy Nook, Westmorland
03/04/1881 52 Low Fellside, Kendal, Saint Mary, Kendal, Westmorland
05/04/1891 52 Low Fellside, Kendal, Saint Mary, Kendal, Westmorland
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