Sarah Bowhill

b. 1857-1859 (app)
Middlesex Shoreditch/Middx Shoreditch/Middx St Lukes


Joseph Bowhill d. 21/11/1872
Sarah Ellis d. 17/03/1887
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m. 18/11/1875
William Baker St Jude Bethnal Green, Middlesex


1861 Scholar
1871 Match Box Maker
1881 Match Box Maker

Also known as

Sarah Baker

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07/04/1861 9 Smiths Buildings, Bethnal Green, St Thomas, Middlesex
02/04/1871 6 Anns Place, St Leonard, St Leonard, Middlesex
18/11/1875 the Parish Church, St Jude Bethnal Green, Middlesex
18/11/1875 20 Trafalgar Place, Middlesex
03/04/1881 13 Cumberland Pl, Bethnal Green, Bartholomew, London
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