John Newling


Mary Newling


bap. 23/06/1751 James Newling
bap. 02/12/1753 John Newling
bap. 01/05/1757 William Newling
bap. 28/09/1759 James Nowling bur. 13/06/1830
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Did You Know?

  • Although James Nowling's baptism place, Baldock, is unusually far (about 8.5 miles on foot) from the village, Benington, where he spent his adult life, a few years before his birth his parents John Newling and Mary Newling were on at least one occasion removed to Baldock from Aston, which is about 2.5 miles from Benington.
  • A John Newland of Little Munden married a Mary Starr by licence in Walkern in 1744, but since John Newling and Mary Newling's first recorded child wasn't baptised until 1751 I don't think there are sufficient grounds to say that the two couples were the same people.

Documentary Sources

[Document relates to settlements to Baldock] Newling John and Mary his wife May 28 - 1751 from aston ... [This entry crossed through:] Newlinge John and Mary his Wife from Aston the third of October one Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty

Source: DP/12/12/2
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

Possibly the Same Person?

John Newland
Name Known Residence
(The names Newling and Newland were used interchangeably by some of John's descendants.)


23/06/1751 Church, Baldock, Hertfordshire
02/12/1753 Church, Baldock, Hertfordshire
01/05/1757 Church, Baldock, Hertfordshire
28/09/1759 Church, Baldock, Hertfordshire
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