Mary Divall

b. 29/07/1845
bap. 31/08/1845 Lewisham, Kent


Mary Sales
James Divehall
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1851 Scholar

Did You Know?

  • Sarah Sales died in Southend in Lewisham in 1856. The informant was a Mary Divall; I think this was most likely to be Sarah's sister Mary Sales, whose marriage to James Divehall Sarah and her husband Thomas Upton had witnessed in 1827 and who had been living in Southend since at least 1829. (Mary did have a daughter Mary Divall but she would have been only 10 at the time.) Thomas's sister Louisa Waters had been living at White Foot Lane in South End in 1851.


31/08/1845 Southend, Lewisham Village, LEWISHAM, Kent
31/08/1845 Church, Lewisham, Kent
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