Mary Benrose


m. 26/12/1773
Wm Yexlay St Ethelburga, Bishopsgate, London

Marriages Witnessed

24/02/1783 Marriage of Edward Hymas and Elizabeth Bemrose, St Botolph, Aldgate, City of London
04/02/1793 Marriage of James Okell and Ann Yaxley, St Ethelburga's, Bishopsgate, London
28/10/1804 Marriage of Matthew Brannan and Mary Hollis, St Andrew, Holborn, City of London
Note: because marriage records do not indicate the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom, this list represents likely involvement of the individual on the basis of a name match.

Did You Know?

  • Mary Benrose surname is spelled 'Benrose' in the marriage register entry but she spelled it 'Bemrose' in her signature.
  • According to the Haberdashers' Hall family tree Ann Yaxley was daughter of Mary Benrose and a Mr Yaxley, sister of Mary Yaxley who married Matthew Brannan, and niece to Eliz Bemrose who married Edward Hymas. I haven't been able to find baptisms for Ann or either of the Marys, although a Mary Yaxley was one of the witnesses at the weddings of Ann, Mary and Elizabeth.

Possibly the Same Person?

- Yaxley

The Haberdashers' Hall family tree says Mary died in 1817; the Elizabeth Bemrose who was sister to Mary Bemrose was a couple of years older than the unnamed Yaxley.


26/12/1773 church, St Ethelburga's, Bishopsgate, London
26/12/1773 London
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