William Vintin


Racheal Vintin


b. 09/01/1804 William Vintin d. 13/06/1846
b. 10/10/1804 James Vintin d. 16/10/1889
b. 11/02/1806 George Vinton bur. 19/02/1872
bap. 13/05/1810 Harriet Vintin d. 15/09/1860
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1841 M S
1843 Gardener
1846 Gardener

Also known as

William Vinton, Willian Winten, Willm Vinton

Did You Know?


14/10/1804 Church, All Saints, Orpington, Kent
15/03/1806 Church, All Saints, Orpington, Kent
13/05/1810 Church, All Saints, Orpington, Kent
07/06/1841 B ('Barnes Ally'?), Keston, Kent
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