John Drage

b. 1849 (app)
Barkway Herts/Herts Barkway
d. 01/07/1925 64 Westmacott Street, NORTH WEST CAMBERWELL, CAMBERWELL, LONDON


Daniel Drage
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m. 02/04/1873
Martha Moule St Mary Newington, Surrey


C. Rigden
b. 1874 (app) Daniel J. Drage Herts Barkway
b. 1880 (app) Olive Drage Surrey Camberwell
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1861 Ag Lab
1873 Corn Meter
1881 Horsekeeper
1925 Formerly a General Labourer

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Marriages Witnessed

02/05/1865 Marriage of George Hayden Burr and Emily Drage, Barkway, Hertford
Note: because marriage records do not indicate the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom, this list represents likely involvement of the individual on the basis of a name match.

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30/03/1851 High Street, Barkway, Hertfordshire
07/04/1861 Barkway Street, Barkway, Hertfordshire
02/04/1871 High Street, Barkway, Hertfordshire
02/04/1873 7 Draper Street, Surrey
03/04/1881 17 Thornhill Sq, Camberwell, Emmanuel, London
01/07/1925 64 Westmacott Street, NORTH WEST CAMBERWELL, CAMBERWELL, LONDON
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