James Bonds

b. 1785 (app)
d. 13/06/1848 Rotherfield, Rotherfield, Uckfield, Sussex
bur. 18/06/1848 Rotherfield, Sussex


m. 26/09/1811
Mary Martin Rotherfield, Sussex d. 21/01/1848


bap. 01/12/1811 Iden Bones bur. 10/04/1875
bap. 01/12/1811 James Bones
b. 16/03/1814 Ambrose Bones Dengate (at baptism) bur. 21/09/1851
b. 10/03/1816 Mary Bones Stone Castle (at baptism)
b. 10/03/1816 Henry Bond Stone Castle (at baptism) d. 27/10/1901
b. 14/12/1818 Ephraim Bones Rotherfield (at baptism)
b. 12/03/1821 Harriet Bones Catts Rotherfield (at baptism)
b. 16/05/1824 Jesse Bones Catts Rotherfield (at baptism) bur. 04/06/1863
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.


1814 Labourer
1816 Labourer
1819 Labourer
1821 Labourer
1824 Labourer
1841 Labourer
1841 Ag Lab
1845 Labourer
1846 Labourer
1848 Labourer
1849 Labourer
1849 Farmer

Also known as

James Bond, James Bones

Did You Know?

  • It doesn't look like Mary Pavey had any children with her first husband James Martin, but her children with her second husband James Bonds included two sets of twins: Iden Bones and James Bones in 1811 and Henry Bond and Mary Bones in 1816.
  • In 1841 James Bonds and Mary Pavey were living at Catts Cottage in Rotherfield with their youngest son Jesse Bones. Also living at Catts Cottage were a John Pavey and his family, including his young son Iden Pavey who shared his unusual forename with James and Mary's eldest son Iden Bones.
  • Many online family trees I have seen have James Bonds as the son of John Bones and Sarah Tasker. I'm sceptical, though, as I have three documents which place James's birth in 1785, and John and Sarah's son James was baptised in 1789. I wonder if he could instead be the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bone baptised in 1784 in Southwark, where two of his sons were living in 1851.


26/09/1811 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
26/09/1811 Sussex
01/12/1811 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
10/04/1814 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
10/04/1814 Dengate, Rotherfield, Sussex
22/03/1816 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
22/03/1816 Stone Castle, Rotherfield, Sussex
24/01/1819 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
24/01/1819 Rotherfield, Sussex
24/06/1821 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
24/06/1821 Catts, Rotherfield, Rotherfield, Sussex
22/08/1824 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
22/08/1824 Catts, Rotherfield, Rotherfield, Sussex
07/06/1841 Catts Cottage, Rotherfield, Sussex
13/06/1848 Rotherfield, Sussex
18/06/1848 The Parish Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
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