Edmond Philips

b. 1811 (app)
bap. 27/08/1810 Fairlight, Sussex
bur. 17/01/1828 Fairlight, Sussex


James Phillips
Lydia Jeakins d. 02/12/1846
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Also known as

Edmond Phillips

Did You Know?

  • It looks like Edmond Philips's name was initially spelled with a 'u' in the burial register which was then corrected to an 'o' by adding a bar across the top.
  • Edmond Philips and Lidia Philips were baptised on the same day in 1810 but at the time of a settlement examination in 1813 Lydia was stated to be about seven years old while Edmond was about three.

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR 361/32/3/24
East Sussex Record Office


27/08/1810 Church, Fairlight, Sussex
17/01/1828 Church, Fairlight, Sussex
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