Humphrey Wickham

b. 1771 (app)
bur. 15/04/1850 Ticehurst, Sussex


Humphry Wickham bur. 01/03/1814
Elizabeth Allbony bur. 12/04/1823
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m. 22/02/1789
Mary Rogers Wadhurst, Sussex


bap. 12/07/1789 Humphry Wickham
bap. 27/03/1791 Edward Wickham
b. 29/04/1793 Elizabeth Wickham
b. 14/09/1796 Mary Wickham Ticehurst (at baptism)
b. 11/08/1799 Lucy Wickham
bap. 11/07/1802 Richard Wickham
bap. 11/07/1802 James Wickham
bap. 15/07/1804 Frances Wickham
bap. 18/06/1809 Saml Wickham
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1791 Labourer
1793 Labourer
1841 Inmates

Also known as

Humpfrey Wickham, Humphry Wickham, Humphy Wickham

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR498/32/2/118
East Sussex Record Office

This is the last Will and Testament of me Humphrey Wickham of Wadhurst in the County of Sussex husbandman In primis I commend my Soul to Almighty God my Creator & my Body I commit to the Earth to receive a decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my Ex'ors hereinafter named And as for my Worldly Estate with which it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me I dispose of the same as follows I give devise & bequeath unto my two Sons Humph?y Wickham & Edward Wickham & their Heirs all & every my Copyhold or Customary Messuages or Tenements Lands Heredit' & Premises with the app'iiits in Wadhurst aforesaid which I hold of the Manor of Mayfield & have this Day surrendered to the use of my Will & all other my real Estate whatsoever & wheresoever & also all & singular my Household Goods Monies Securities for Money & all other any Personal Estate & Effects whatsoever To hold the same & every Part thereof with their & every of their App'iiits unto ~unto~ [struck through] them the said Humphrey Wickham & Edward Wickham their Heirs Ex'ors A?iiiors & Assigns for ever according to the nature & quality of the said Estates But nevertheless upon the Trusts & for the intents & purposes hereinafter mentioned and declared of & concerning the same (that is to say) Upon Trust to Permit and Suffer my Said Son Edward to have hold use occupy possess & enjoy my said Copyhold or Customary Messuages Lands Tenements & Heredits Goods Household Goods & other my Real & Personal Estate & Effects above mentioned & to receive & take the Rents Issues & profits thereof to his own proper use & benefit for & during the time & term of the natural life of my dear Wife Elizabeth & upon further Trust that they my said Sons or the Survivor of them or his Heirs shall & do as soon as conveniently may be after the decease of my said Wife sell & dispose of my said Copyhold or Customary Messuages or Tenements Lands Hereditaments Goods Household Goods & Real & personal Estate & premises hereinbefore by me devised to them with their App'iiits either together or in parcels & either by public Sale or Auctions or by private Contract or in such other manner & to such person or persons for such Price or prices Sum or Sums of Money as to them shall seem reasonable & most conducive to the advancement (?) & benefit of the Trusts hereinafter mentioned & the monies arising thereby & therefrom & the Rents & profits thereof from & after the decease of my said Wife & in the mean time & until such Sale or Sales shall be had shall & do pay & apply in manner hereinafter mentioned And upon payment of the Money for which the said premises or any part or parcel thereof shall be sold to convey the Heredits so to be sold to the Purchaser or Purchasers thereof & his her or their Heirs & assigns & to give or sign one or more receipt or receipts for the Money for which the same shall be so sold which receipt or receipts shall be a good & sufficient Discharge & Discharges to any purchaser or Purchasers thereof or of any part or parts thereof for the money for which the same shall be so sold or for so much thereof as in such receipt or receipts shall be expressed or acknowledged to be received & such purchaser or purchasers his her or their Heirs shall not afterwards be obliged to see to the application or be answerable for any loss misapplication or nonapplication of the said purchase Money or any part thereof And upon further Trust that they my said Sons or the Survivor of them or the Heirs Ex'ors or Adm'ors of such survivor shall & do pay & divide the monies to arise by & from such Sale & Sales & the Rents Issues & Profits of the said Real & personal Estate from & after the decease of my said Wife & in the mean time & until such Sale & Sales unto & equally between my six Children namely the said Humphrey & Edward Elizabeth Richard James & John share & share alike & in case of the death of any of my said Children before the same shall become due & Payable the Share of each such child so dying to be paid to his or her Ex'ors or Admors And my further Will is that my Said Sons Humphrey & Edward their Heirs Ex'ors or adm'ors shall not be charged or chargeable with or accountable for any more of the aforesaid Trust Estates monies & Premises than he or they respectively shall actually receive or shall come to their or his hands by virtue of this my Will nor with or for any loss or losses which shall happen of the same Estates monies (?) & Premises or Any part thereof so as such loss happen without his or their wilful default And also that it shall & may be lawful to & for them my said Sons Humphrey & Edward their respective Heirs Ex'ors and Adm'ors in the first Place by & out of the aforesaid respective Trust Estates Monies & Premises to deduct & reimburse themselves respectively all such losses Costs Charges & Expences which they shall sustain expend or be Put unto for or by reason of the several Trusts hereby in them reposed in relation to the same Estates monies & premises or the management or execution thereof And I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint my said Sons Humphrey & Edward joint Ex'ors of this my Will Hereby revoking all former & other wills by me at any time heretofore made I declare this Writing Alone contained in two Sheets of paper to be my only true last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have to the first sheet thereof set my hand & to this Second & last sheet my hand & Seal the ninteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & fourteen H. Wickham LS Signed Sealed Published & declared by the said Humphrey Wickham the Testator as & for his last Will & Testament (the words "soon as" in the first Sheet having been first interlined) in the presence of us who in his Presence at his request & in the Presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses Willm Husher The mark of x Benjamin Bones Willm Roberts Proved at London 11th July 1814 before the worp'l Samuel Lush Merrick (?) Dr of Laws & Surr: by the Oaths of Humphrey Wickham & Edward Wickham the Sons & Ex'ors to whom adm'on was granted being first Sworn duly to admin'r

Source: PROB11/1559
National Archive


22/02/1789 Sussex
22/02/1789 Church, Wadhurst, Sussex
12/07/1789 Church, Wadhurst, Sussex
27/03/1791 Church, Wadhurst, Sussex
02/06/1793 Church, Wadhurst, Sussex
10/10/1796 Ticehurst, Ticehurst, Sussex
11/07/1802 Church, Ticehurst, Sussex
15/07/1804 Church, Ticehurst, Sussex
18/06/1809 Church, Ticehurst, Sussex
07/06/1841 Ticehurst Union Workhouse, Sussex
15/04/1850 Church, Ticehurst, Sussex
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