Edward Wickham

b. 1791 (app)
Sussex Wadhurst
bap. 27/03/1791 Wadhurst, Sussex


Humphrey Wickham bur. 15/04/1850
Mary Rogers
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1851 Ag Lab

Did You Know?

  • According to her marriage certificate Jane Wickham was the daughter of Edward Wickham. I think it likely that she was the daughter of Edward Wickham and Anne Underhill. They were non-conformists, which would explain why I haven't been able to find a baptism for Jane, and Anne's mother's name was Jane. I also think Jane's father Edward was Edward Wickham, as Jane's probable 3xgreat-grandson has a DNA match to a descendant of his sister Lucy Wickham.

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR498/32/2/118
East Sussex Record Office

Possibly the Same Person?

Edward Wickham
Name Known Residence


27/03/1791 Church, Wadhurst, Sussex
30/03/1851 Mark Cross, Rotherfield, Sussex
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