Richard Vidler Relf

bap. 17/11/1799 St Dunstan, Mayfield, Sussex


Susannah Relfe d. 15/05/1853
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Did You Know?

  • On 19 Nov 1799 Richard Vidler appeared before two Justices of the Peace and acknowledged himself to be the reputed father of Susannah Relfe's male bastard child, presumably Richard Vidler Relf. He was ordered to pay two shillings weekly to the Church-Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Mayfield for the child's maintenance. (ESRO PAR. 422/34/2/23)
  • Shortly before the birth of her bastard son Richard Vidler Relf in 1799 an order was issued to remove Susannah Relfe from Heathfield to Mayfield, even though she was baptised in Heathfield. However, right of settlement could also result from employment in a parish.


17/11/1799 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
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