Emy Olliver

b. 1794 (app)
/Sussex Goring
bap. 05/12/1791 Goring, Sussex


Edward Olliver bur. 30/08/1833
Ann Bushby d. 27/09/1842
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1851 Farmer 12 Acres 1 Man
1861 Dairy Woman

Also known as

Amy Olliver, Emma Olliver

Did You Know?

  • In the mid-nineteenth century Emy Olliver and her sister Jane Olliver were living in Millers Tomb Cottage. The builder of the Miller's Tomb, John Olliver, may have been their great-uncle



05/12/1791 Church, Goring, Sussex
07/06/1841 [Rectory House], Goring, Sussex
30/03/1851 Millers Tomb Cottage, Goring, Sussex
07/04/1861 Millers Tomb Cottage, Goring, Sussex
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