Sarah Hooper


bap. 10/04/1831 Susannah Wells Hooper Tilbrook (at baptism) d. 08/05/1917
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Did You Know?

  • Susannah Wells Hooper was baptised as the illegitimate daughter of Sarah Hooper in Tilbrook (then in Bedfordshire) in 1831, but records suggest she was born in around 1829-30 and the 1851 census gives Hargrave in Northamptonshire as her place of birth (the 1841 census, when she was living in Tilbrook, notes her as not born in the county). Her marriage certificate gives 'John Hooper' as her father's name, but it seems something of a coincidence that in 1829 a David Wells was imprisoned 'refusing to give Security to indemnify the Parish of Hargrave in a Matter of Bastardy'.

Possibly the Same Person?

Sarah Hooper
One census entry says the Tilbrook Sarah's illegitimate daughter was born in Hargrave and I have DNA matches to descendants of the Hargrave Hoopers.


10/04/1831 Tilbrook, Bedfordshire
10/04/1831 Church, Tilbrook, Bedford
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