George Catt

b. 1794 (app)
Sussex Westfield
bap. 24/11/1793 Westfield, Sussex
d. 11/06/1863 13, Lennox Street Saint Clement, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex
bur. 14/06/1863 Westfield, Sussex


James Catt bur. 11/07/1819
Mary Catt
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m. 31/05/1813
Ann Kennard Rye, Sussex d. 30/01/1888


b. 01/11/1825 William Catt Westfield (at baptism) d. 16/03/1900
b. 1828 (app) Samuel Catt Sussex Westfield
b. 1835 (app) Joseph Catt Sussex Westfield
b. 1838-1839 (app) Charlotte Catt Sussex Westfield
b. 01/10/1841 Henry Catt Ore
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1825 Labourer
1841 Labourer
1846 Labourer
1851 Ag Lab
1852 Labourer
1861 Timber Merchants Labourer
1863 Labourer
1888 Timber Merchants Foreman

Did You Know?

  • Although his mother's name was given as Mary Catt in the baptism register, I would be surprised if George Catt was not the son of Ann Ashdown. There is no evidence in the indexes that Ann died between the baptism of her son John in 1791 and George's baptism in 1793, the age at death of James Catt's widow Anne in 1839 is not inconsistent with her being the same person, and George is certainly the son of the same James as James included him along with his children by Ann in his will in 1819. None of George's five daughters were given the name Mary (his eldest was given the name Ann but that was probably after her mother). George's wife Ann Kennard became Mary Ann on her death certificate, so maybe something similar happened on George's baptism entry.
  • One of the causes of death on George Catt's death certificate is 'Climacteric Disease'. A "communication" in the London Journal of Medicine in 1849 describes this as "a sudden decline of the vital or biotic powers in advanced life, and is chiefly met with, in the male sex, from the age of sixty-five and upwards" (
  • In 1861 George Catt and Ann Kennard were living next door to the Kenward family.
  • The informant on George Catt's death certificate was a Charlotte Ransom, the married name of his daughter Charlotte Catt.

Documentary Sources

Source: PBT/1/1/73/528
East Sussex Record Office


24/11/1793 Church, Westfield, Sussex
31/05/1813 Church, Rye, Sussex
31/05/1813 Rye, Sussex
04/12/1825 Westfield, Sussex
04/12/1825 Church, Westfield, Sussex
31/10/1841 Ore, Ore, The Hastings Union, Sussex
30/03/1851 13 Lennox Street, Saint Clement, Hastings, Sussex
07/04/1861 13 Lennox Street, Saint Clement, Hastings, Sussex
11/06/1863 13 Lennox Street, Saint Clement, Hastings, Sussex
14/06/1863 Church, Westfield, Sussex
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