Jane Harriett Wickham

b. 1871 (app)
Brightling Sussex/Sussex Brightling/Sussex Hastings
bap. 04/09/1870 Brightling, Sussex


William Humphrey Wickham d. 21/03/1924
Harriett Golding Catt d. 01/09/1939
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William T D Gibbs


1881 Scholar
1901 Monthly Nurse Sick

Also known as

Jane Fuller, Jane H Gibbs, Jane H Wickham

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Documentary Sources

Record No. | Registry No. | Soldier's Name | Regiment, Rank, No. | Date and Place of Death | ... | Date of Authority | To whom Authorised | ...
168161 | 77780 | Fuller Philip | 1st Bn R Mun Fus Pte 7659 | ~7~3/5/15 Wounds | ... |12.11.15 Sis + sole Legatee Mrs Jane Gibbs ?.9.19 Bro - Law Thomas Gibbs | ...



04/09/1870 Church, Brightling, Sussex
04/09/1870 Brightling, Brightling, Sussex
03/04/1881 Netherfield Village, Battle, St Johns Netherfield, Sussex
31/03/1901 1a South Terrace, St Clement part of, St Clement Halson in Hastings part of, Hastings part of, Hastings
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