William Garat

bur. 29/10/1729 Hose, Leicestershire


m. 29/04/1690
Mary Rowse Hose, Leicestershire


bap. 15/02/1691 John Garrat bur. 25/09/1751
bap. 25/09/1692 Francis Garat
bap. 25/11/1694 Mary Garat
bap. 15/11/1696 Jane Garat
bap. 19/03/1699 Sara Garat
bap. 29/09/1700 William Garat
bap. 21/07/1705 Thomas Garat
bap. 29/05/1709 George Garat
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Also known as

William Garrat, William Garratt, William Garrit, Wm Garat

Did You Know?

  • I suspect the William Garat and John Garat buried on the same day at Hose in October 1729 were grandfather and grandson. William's will was proved the following January.

Documentary Sources

In The name of God Amen
I William Garratt of Hose in the County of Leicester Wevor being mindfull of my Mortality Doe make this my Last will and Testament in Manner following viz
Imprs: I Give vnto my Daughter mary Garratt the Sum of Ten pounds of Good & Lawfull money and Ten pounds worth of Household Goods to be Set out by my Wife and alsoe one Cow the Best but one
Item I Give vnto my Daughter Jane Garratt The Sum of Ten pounds of Good & Lawfull money and Ten pounds worth of Household Goods to be Lett out by my Wife
Item I Give vnto my Son William Garratt the Sum of Ten pounds
Item I Give vnto my Son Tho: Garratt the Sum of Ten pounds and one Loume Warping fatt and Rings
Item I Give vnto my Son Geo: Garratt the Sum of Ten pounds and Two Loumes
Item I Give vnto my Sons Tho: Garrett and Geo: Garratt all the Iplyments [sic] of Weveing be Longing to the Shop to be by them Equaly Devided
Item I Give vnto my Grandson Wm: Garrett one Shilling
Item I Give vnto my GrandDaughter Mary Garratt one Shilling
Item I Give vnto my Grandaughter Philipea one Shilling
Item all the Rest of my Goods Chattles Rights Creditts and personall Estate of What kind Soever I Give and bequeath vnto my Wife mary Garratt and to my Son John Garratt they paying all my Just Debts funerall Expenc... the Severall Legacyes afore Said and Lastly I Do her...by make ordaine Constitute and apoint my my [sic] Wife Mary Garratt and my Son John Garratt Sole Excutors of of [sic] this my Last will & Testament hereby Revoking all former wills What Soever by me at any time made
In Wittness Whereof I the Said Wm: Garratt have to this my Last will & Testament sett my hand & Seal this 15 Day of January anno Don 1727
William Garratt
Signed Sealed published & Declared by the sd: W Garratt to be his Last will & Testament in the presence of W Chamberlain
Geo: x Whaley his mark
John Gervis his Mark

[On the back:]
Vicesimo septimo Die Januarij 1729 Jurati fuere Ex'tores in su?nominati
Coram me
Greg: Henson Surrog:

The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland

Possibly the Same Person?

William Garrott
Name Known Residence
The William who married in 1690 had a daughter called Jane, but I would have expected him to have been born around 1670. There is a gap in the parish records I have seen between 1662/3 and 1670 so the older William could have died young.


29/04/1690 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
15/02/1691 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
25/09/1692 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
25/11/1694 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
15/11/1696 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
19/03/1699 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
29/09/1700 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
21/07/1705 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
29/05/1709 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
29/10/1729 Church, Hose, Leicestershire
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