Mark Benjamin Benham

b. 1817 (app)
Marylebone Middlesex


Moshe Benham
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m. 11/09/1838
Sarah Asher Great Synagogue, London


b. 1840 (app) Charles M Benham Raglan Road Greenwich
b. 1841 (app) Albert B Benham Old Kent Road
b. 1844 (app) Julia Elizabeth Benham Blackfriars Road
b. 1846 (app) Rebecca M Benham Midx Goodman fields
b. 1848 (app) James E Benham Goodman fields
b. 1849 (app) Robert F Benham Goodman fields
b. 1851 (app) Fredrick I Benham Goodman fields
b. 1852 (app) Richard K Benham Goodman fields
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1841 Ind
1861 Bill Discounter

Also known as

Mark Benham, Mark Benjmin Benham, Mordecai Benham

Did You Know?

  • In 1841 George Asher was living with his sister Sarah Asher and her husband Mark Benjamin Benham. At Mark's trial for conspiracy at the Old Bailey in 1843 George was described by the victim, Mark's step-father Abraham Myers, as 'a man of a very weak understanding, as weak as could possibly be, and hardly capable of earning his own bread'.


11/09/1838 Great Synagogue, London
07/06/1841 St James's Place West, St Paul Deptford, Greenwich, Kent
07/04/1861 30 Tavistock Sqr, St Pancras, St Pancras, Middlesex
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