May Howard

b. 16/05/1871
Charlton by Newbottle do Newbottle Nhampton


Edward Howard
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m. 25/10/1891
William Olliver Fulham, London
m. 26/06/1912
George Robert Mann Fulham, London


bap. 25/03/1893 James Arthur Blake Olliver 28 S. James Square (at baptism)
bap. 01/03/1895 Francis William Claud Oliver 37 Crookham Road (at baptism)
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1901 Charwoman

Also known as

MANN MAY, Mary Blake Howard Oliver, May Olliver

Did You Know?

  • The 1891 marriage certificate for Francis William Olliver and May Howard has corrections to the bride's forename, age, father name and father occupation, but the same bride forename, father name and father occupation were given when May remarried in 1912. Actually wrong but not corrected were the groom's name and age.
  • Francis William Olliver and May Howard married in 1891 and both were still alive in 1939, but when May remarried in 1912 her condition was stated to be widow and when Francis remarried in 1917 his condition was given as bachelor...


25/10/1891 the Register Office, Fulham, London
25/10/1891 50 Richmond Gardens, Hammersmith, London
25/03/1893 28 S. James Square, St James Norlands, London
25/03/1893 St James Norlands, London
01/03/1895 37 Crookham Road, S Peter's Fulham, London
01/03/1895 S Peter's Fulham, London
31/03/1901 25 Gloucester Rd, Acton ?? Mary, Acton, Middlesex
26/06/1912 the Register Office, Fulham, London
26/06/1912 6 , Shotley Street Fulham, London
29/09/1939 STONES GREEN, Tendring, Essex
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