Easter Cruttenden

bap. 30/03/1676 Burwash, Sussex


Josephus Cruttenden bur. 15/01/1708
Hester Henley bur. 02/12/1728
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m. 14/10/1708
John Thomas Benenden, Kent

Also known as

Esther Thomas, Hester Cruttenden, Hestera Cruttenden

Did You Know?

  • I think it's possible that the Richard Reynolds mentioned in the will of his grandmother Hester Henley was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Reynalds baptised in Hawkhurst in March 1698/9 . I haven't been able to find any record of a marriage for the couple but Elizabeth's sister Easter Cruttenden was stated to be of Hawkhurst when she married John Thomas in Benenden in 1708. It's peculiar that Elizabeth isn't mentioned in the 1707/8 will of her father Josephus Cruttenden, but I have a suspicion that a line was skipped when the will was copied as one part reads 'I give & bequeath vnto Benjamin Cruttenden my Sone the su[m]me of Twenty pounds of Lawfull mony w[i]thin six months after my decease', without the usual 'to be paid to him'.
  • Easter Cruttenden and her niece Hannah Cruttenden both seem to have married for the first time in their 30s, which is unusually late for the period.

Documentary Sources

Source: PBT/1/1/47/75A
East Sussex Record Office
Source: PBT 1/1/52/598
East Sussex Record Office


30/03/1676 Church, Burwash, Sussex
14/10/1708 Kent
14/10/1708 Church, Benenden, Kent
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