Nicholas Swaine

bur. 30/04/1679 Burwash, Sussex


m. 09/05/1667
Elizabeth Bungar Burwash, Sussex


Elizabeth Swane
Hannah Bishop
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1675 yeoman
1689 yeoman

Also known as

Nicholas Swane

Did You Know?

  • According to a list of marriages in Waldron made by the Genealogical Society a Nicholas Swane & Constance Lucke married there on 22 November 1638. According to the baptismal index of the Sussex Family History Group Elizabeth Swane daughter of Nicholas Swane was baptised there on 12th January 1639/1640.
  • The marriage of Nicholas Swaine and Elizabeth Bungar is listed in a section of the parish register headed 'matrimonia 67' and is reported in the Bishop's Transcript for 1667. I suspect the heading is wrong, though, and the marriage actually occurred in 1666. There is no section for marriages in 1666 and there is a second section for marriages in 1667 on the next page of the register.

Documentary Sources

Source: PBT/1/1/35/141
East Sussex Record Office
Source: SAS RF 4/119
East Sussex Record Office


09/05/1667 Church, Burwash, Sussex
30/04/1679 Church, Burwash, Sussex
01/06/1689 Burwash, Sussex
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