Ann Wattson

b. 1775 (app)
d. 12/02/1846 Barkway, Royston, ROYSTON AND BUNTINGFORD, Counties of Hertford Essex
bur. 17/02/1846 , Hertfordshire


m. 02/11/1795
William Drage Barkway, Hertfordshire d. 08/04/1866


1846 Wife

Also known as

Ann Drage, Drage Ann

Did You Know?

  • The person who filled in the register for the marriage of Wm Drage and Ann Wattson in Barkway in 1795 spelled the bride's surname with two 't's, but she signed her name with one.



02/11/1795 Barkway, Hertford Essex & Cam
02/11/1795 Church, Barkway, Hertford
1799 Newsells, Barkway, Hertford
07/06/1841 High St, Barkway, Hertfordshire
12/02/1846 Barkway, Royston & Buntingford, Hertford Essex & Cam
17/02/1846 Barkway Chapel Burial Ground, Hertfordshire
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