Maria Drage

b. 1804 (app)
Herts Barkway/Herts Newels


m. 21/10/1822
Thomas Blackeby Barkway, Hertford


b. 1830 (app) Joseph Blackeby Herts Hawstead
b. 1833 (app) Benjamin Blackeby Herts Bishop Stort
b. 1840-1844 (app) George Blackeby Cambs Bp Stortford/Herts Bishop Stort
b. 1844 (app) Henry Blackaby Cambs Bp Stortford/Herts Bishop Stort
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Note: Includes only children from certificates, baptism entries, or from census entries where the relationship is specified. For married women, please see their husband's entry for children from censuses.


1851 Shoe Binder
1861 shoebinder

Also known as

Maria Blackaby, Maria Blackeby

Did You Know?

  • Although they married before 1837, when the father's name began to be given in marriage register entries, census evidence suggests that Mary Drage and Lucy Drage were daughters of Wm Drage. Maria Drage is another possible child, as is Samuel Drage.
  • When Charles Miller married Jane Camp in Marylebone in February 1851 he gave his address as 10 Occus Street, and one of the witnesses was a William Blackaby. When the 1851 census was taken one of the residents of 10 Occus Street was William Blackaby, who may have been Jane's cousin through Maria Drage and Jane's mother Ruth Drage.



21/10/1822 Barkway, Hertford Essex & Cam
21/10/1822 Church, Barkway, Hertford
07/06/1841 Apton field, Bishops Stortford, Essex
30/03/1851 16 Whitfield St, Marylebone, St. Pancras, St John the Evangelist, Middlesex
07/04/1861 32 Dudley St, St Giles, London, Middlesex
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