Etheldred Emmerson

bur. 03/09/1652 Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire


m. 02/07/1633
William Wise Esq St Clement Danes, Middlesex


bap. 13/09/1636 Thom Wise
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Also known as

Etheldread Wise, Etheldred Wise

Did You Know?

  • I think Etheldred Emberson was an older sister of Etheldred Emmerson, not the same person - the former was baptised in 1603, whereas in the marriage licence allegation relating to the latter in 1633, her age is given as '24 . yeeres or thereabout'. (Their niece Etheldred Emerson had three daughters all named Etheldred.)

Documentary Sources

July 2 . 1633 . which day appeared personally Nicholas Allen of Staple Inne in the County of Midd gent' and alleadgeth that William Wyse of the parrish of St Dunstone in the West Esq': and a batchelor aged 28 [looks like it was originally written as 24 then was corrected] . yeeres or thereaboute intendeth to marry with Etheldred Em[m]erson of the parrish of St Clements danes mayden aged 24 . yeeres or thereabout daughter of Mr Em[m]erson late of the Citty of London merchant deceased : and ?ee ??? her owne ???ent; [two words inserted between lines that I can't make out] and that there is noe lawfull lett or impediment by reason of any precontract consanguinity affinity or the like to hinder this intended marriage and of the truth of the premisses he made Fayte and desired ???nse for the to be marryed in the p[ar]ish Church of St Clem' danes afforesayd or St Pancrase a?? Kentish Town in the County of Midd Nichol: Alen

Source: Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1633, p. 32
London Metropolitan Archive

Christoferus Emersom decimo septimo die ??? ??? Thom Wise ei nepoti ex sorore et prox Consanguin Christoferi Emersom nup[er] p[ar]och Sci Martini in Campis in Lond ??? def licentis x ??? adstrand ??? jura et cred dci def de bene x Jurat Lond 30 Junij 20 Feby 1673

Source: PROB 6/48 p. 21/f. 20 (21 = original, 20 = stamped)
National Archive


02/07/1633 Church, St Clement Danes, Middlesex
13/09/1636 Church, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
03/09/1652 Church, Tydd St Mary, Lincolnshire
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