John Macklin Price


m. 28/03/1761
Mary Dearing Heathfield, Sussex


bap. 03/03/1762 Lucy Price
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Did You Know?

  • I would be very surprised if Lucy Price were not the sister of Richard Price and Jane Price, children of Richard Price; the witness at Lucy's wedding was a Richard Price, Lucy had children called Richard and Jane, and Jane had a daughter called Lucy. But the only Lucy Price baptised in Heathfield was the daughter not of Richard but of John Macklin Price and his wife Mary Knight. I do wonder if John and Richard were the same person, as I have not found any other records relating to a John Macklin Price, and no record of a marriage of a Richard Price to a Mary.


28/03/1761 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
28/03/1761 Sussex
03/03/1762 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
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